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Many gravesites and other site images added beginning 21 February 2002 will have GPS (Global Position Satellite) co-ordinates in DD.DDDD (decimal) as we have found these to be accurate, especially when used with topo maps from Topozone.com. In time we hope to have the GPS positions on all graves and other sites we photograph and visit.
Florida Gravesites page:
*NEW* Fernandina---James and twin brother William Bell (3Aug02)
*NEW* George T. Taylor and Fountain H. Cone (3Aug02)
Leesburg---Nathanial E. Venable, CSMC (6Sept01)
Key West---New marker for Asst. Surgeon Jeptha V. Harris (7Aug01)
Picture of marker for the crew of the CSS CHATTAHOOCHEE (21 Oct00)
James Eccles buried at Pensacola Naval Air Station in civilian center of national cemetery
Apalachicola gravesites including Lt. David Raney of the CS Marines (CSS TENNESSEE) (22 Oct00)

Virginia gravesites:
*NEW* Lt. Daniel Trigg---Abingdon---Sinking Springs Cemetery (2Aug02)
Lt. Matthew Goodwyn---Petersburg---Blandford Church Ceme (7Aug01)
James Hally, CSMC---Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond (3 Dec00)

South Carolina Gravesites---Lieutenants Alexander F. Warley and Henry K. Stevens in Pendleton (27July02)

NEW---Naval Laws of the Confederate States Excerpts from the entire set of laws made by the CS Congress  (12July2002)

Item Locator Page---for finding artifacts to view in person (12July02) Added items from Confederate Memorial Hall, located in New Orleans, Louisiana

NEW---General Orders No. 1 from Commander R. L. Page at Savannah, 1863 (12July02)

NEW---Contents list of the Official Records of the Navies (ORN) (3July02)

Texas Gravesites
Many new gravesites all over Texas (4July02)
Austin--Texas State Cemetery; Galveston; Livingston; Shepherd (21Apr02)
James Osgood, Landsman/gunner on the CSS Morgan, in Baytown (9Mar02)
Added new list of persons known buried in Texas that we need images of their graves (1Mar02)
Added listing of persons who we need gravesite pictures of and are buried in Austin---TX. State Ceme. (23July01)
Added graves of Frank Delbrel, Seaman (CSS Missouri) and
John M. Jolly, O.S. (CSS North Carolina and CSS Chicora) (15 June01)
John E. Billups of the CSS FLORIDA and cruises with Lt. Chas. Read on the CSS Webb (21Oct2000)
Also Commander Isaac Newton Brown moved to this new page (21Oct2000)

Shipyards page:
Savannah, Georgia; Charleston, SC; Purrysburg, SC added (21Apr02)
Columbus, Georgia---Columbus Iron Works, armor plates and CSN shipyard on Chattahoochee River (7Aug01)
South Carolina---images of CSS Pee Dee Shipyard site and propeller (11 June01)
Confederate Marine officer burial locations Updated with 7 new names from David Sullivan's revised CSMC Biographical Sketches book (20Mar02)

Bibliography Page   NEW BOOK: Biographical Sketches of the Commissioned Officers of the Confederate
States Marine Corps. , David M. Sullivan (Editor) (11Mar02).

Ft. Warren Prison. Engineer Edward J. Johnston to be re-interred next to his wife in Fernindina, Florida (9Mar02)

North Carolina gravesites:
Updated page with GPS and graves of Mids. Eugene A. Maffitt, James Sprunt, Timothy Donlan(28Feb02)

Georgia gravesites:
Bonaventure Cemetery---added CS Marines Edward Neufville and J. R. F. Tattnall as well as additional images of Commodore Josiah Tattnall's gravesite(21Feb02)
We have started here with the GPS positions.

Washington State, Fort Simcoe State Park, Yakima Indian Reservation
Gravesite of Lt. Ruffin Thomson, CSMC (6Sept01)

Alabama gravesites on main gravesites page:
Dothan---James Henry Hargrove, CSMC (6Sept01)
Mobile, Catholic Cemetery---Philip Gunn, fireman on CSS NASHVILLE (6Sept01)
Columbiana: grave of N. B. Johnson, CSMC (10 June01)
Attalla: Commodore Ebenezer Farrand (5 March01)

Weapons (cannons) page:
5 Brookes added: 1 at Tredegar Foundry and 4 at Columbus, GA Naval Museum (7Aug01)
2 Brookes added: Norfolk, VA and Columbus, GA. (21July01)
8 inch Brooke smoothbore at Gainesville, Alabama Confederate Cemetery and one at Selma, Ala. (14Jan01)
Mislabeled Brooke Rifle at The Battery in Charleston, SC. (02 Nov00)

In 1865, Redoubt McDermett at Spanish Fort, Alabama named for Lt. Edw. McDermett of the CS Navy (8 July01)

Confederate School Ship CSS Patrick Henry---SHSP article by Lt. J. H. Rochelle (5July01)

Cruise of the CSS CLARENCE, TACONY-ARCHER in SHSP (also including Lt. Charles W. Read) (15 June 01)

Lt. Charles W. Read's story in the Southern Historical Society Papers, Reminiscences of the CSN (14June01)

 Confederate Marine officer burial locations (13 June01)

Mississippi gravesites: 
Ship Island south of Gulfport (Confederate Prison camp) (10 June01)

Elmira, NY Prison Camp (Woodlawn National Cemetery)---images added (10 June01)

For CSN Re-enactors---Items for sale (uniform shoulder straps and hat devices, sword, etc)
Ft. Warren, MA---grave of prisoner Edward J. Johnston, Engineer on CSS BALTIC and ATLANTA (20 Feb01)

Battle of Mobile Bay by Capt. J. D. Johnston of the CSS TENNESSEE (12 Feb01)

Lincoln shot to avenge the execution of John Yates Beall of the Confederate States Navy
You heard it here first! (9Feb01)

Story of the CSS STONEWALL by it's commander, Capt. T. J. Page, CSN (5 Feb01)

Roster of CS Marine Officers as of January 1864 (5 Feb01)

Confederate Torpedo service at Charleston, by Lt. Glassell, CSN, attack by the "David" (5 Feb01)

Weapons (cannons) page:
8 inch Brooke smoothbore at Gainesville, Alabama Confederate Cemetery and one at Selma, Ala. (14 Jan01)
Mislabeled Brooke Rifle at The Battery in Charleston, SC. (02 Nov00)
Main gravesites page:
Confederate Marine: Israel Green in Mitchell, South Dakota (13 Jan01)(click on SD link in table)
Confederate Marines: Lt. Edward Crenshaw and Capt. Calvin Sayre (11 Jan01)
Midshipman William (Willie) B. Sinclair of the CSS FLORIDA (11 Jan01)
Thomas D. Stone, Midshipman of CSS MORGAN and PATRICK HENRY (29 Dec00)
Octave Jacob Rabby of the Confederate Marine Corps. (12 Nov00)

Sailors mostly from Key West who joined the Florida Coast Guard at Tampa, Florida and mentioned in Robert Watson's diary located in the Florida State Archives at Tallahassee, Florida (13 Jan01)

California gravesites page added plus new names (29 Dec00)

Descriptions of Vessels by Chief Naval Constructor John L. Porter (7 Dec00)

The CSS SHENANDOAH cruise, by one of her Officers, Dr. McNulty (7 Dec00)

Tribute to the CSN at the monument dedication in Montgomery, Alabama, 7 Dec. 1897 (7 Dec00)

The Gold and Silver in the C. S. Treasury, by Capt. William H. Parker, CSN, who had charge of it (7 Dec00)

The building where the submarine torpedo boat H. L. Hunley is located (24 Nov00)

Rabby's Alabama Coast Guard at Bayou La Batre (several images of graves added) (12 Nov00)

Organization of the CSN and report from Secy. Mallory to The President as of 26 April 1861 (17 Nov00) 
Report from Secy. Mallory to The President on the condition of the CS Navy as of Feb 1862 (24 Nov00)
Report from Secy. Mallory to The President on the condition of the CS Navy as of August 1862 (24 Nov00)
Report from Secy. Mallory to The President on the condition of the CS Navy as of 30 November 1863 (02 Nov00)
Report from Secy. Mallory to The President on the condition of the CS Navy as of 5 November 1864 (31 Oct00)
Report from Secy. Mallory to The President on the condition of the CS Navy as of 30 April 1864 (31 Oct00)

CSS FLORIDA page.  Relics found at Hampton Roads, Virginia by divers on the ship. (10 Sept00)

 CSN related links page. The USN Historical Center now has downloadable CSN ship's images! (4 Sept00)

Index of Navy Pension applications in Florida (31 August00)

 CS Navy Weapons and Small Arms page ( 27 August00)

 CSS FLORIDA---Capt. Maffitt's journal and log from Nassau to Mobile Bay, Alabama (3 August00)

 The first cruise (Capt. Maffitt) from Mobile Bay, Alabama to Brest, France (4 August00)

 Index to Muster rolls of selected ships from the ORN (30 July00)

 Index to Letters of Marque and Reprisal from the ORN on privateers (30 July00)

Bibliography page:
Books by Robert Hawk on Florida Naval Personnel;
also one by P. C. Coker on Charleston Maritime Heritage;
and one by the State of Florida on Floridians in the CS Naval service.( 9 Sept00)

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