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Albaugh, William A. III.
*1. Confederate Faces: Photographs of Confederates. Broadfoot Publishing, 1970, 1993, 229 pages. There is a section on the Confederate Navy and Marine personnel.
*2. More Confederate Faces: A Pictoral Review. ABS Printers, no date, 233 pages. Loaded with more great images.

*Anderson, Bern.  By Sea and By River. The naval history of the war. Alfred Knopf Publisher, NY, 1962. 303 pages.

Atteridge, William R. North South Naval Images. Arcadia, LA, Archdia-Craft, 1995.

*Bak, Richard. The CSS Hunley: The Greatest Undersea Adventure of the Civil War. Taylor Publishing, 1998,
192 pages. Has nice images but the writing is full of guesswork and some errors noted. It is listed as the companion book to the TNT movie.

*Beers, Henry Putnam. The Confederacy. A guide to the Archives of the Government of the Confederate States of
America, National Archives and Records Administration, 1907, 1968, 536 pages.

*Bell, John. Confederate Seadog: John Taylor Wood in War and Exile. MacFarland and Company, 2002, 178 pages. Here is another person who needs more attention.

*Bergeron, Arthur W. Jr. Confederate Mobile. Jackson, U. Press of Mississippi, 1991.

Besse, S. B., C S Ironclad VIRGINIA with data and references for a scale model. Newport News, The Mariner's Museum, Publication No. 4, 1937

*Bigelow, John. France and the Confederate Navy 1862-1868. An International Episode. N.Y. Harper & Brothers, 1888.

*Block, W. T. "Schooner Sail to Starboard:" Confederate Blockade-Running on the Louisiana-Texas Coast Lines.
 Dogwood Press, Woodville, Texas, 1997. 258 pages. A much needed history of this area.

*Boaz, Thomas. Guns for Cotton. England Arms the Confederacy. Shippensburg, Pa., Burd Street Press, 1996.

*Boykin, Edward. Sea Devil of the Confederacy.  The story of the CSS FLORIDA and her Captain, John Newland Maffitt. N.Y., Funk & Wagnalls Co., 1959.

*Bright, Leslie S. The Blockade Runner Modern Greece and Her Cargo.  Raleigh, NC, Archaeology Section, Div. of Archives & History, NC Dept. of Cultural Resources,  June 1977.

*Bright, Leslie:  Rowland, William H.;  Bardon, James C.  CSS NEUSE, A Question of Iron and Time. Division of Archives and History, NC Division of Cultural Resources, 1981.  165 pages. Contains details & sketches of artifacts found.

*Brooke, Jr., George M. John M. Brooke, Naval Scientist and Educator.  Univ. of VA. Press, 1980.  372 pages. He had a broad career and is well known for his design known as the "Brooke Rifled Cannon".

*Brooke, Jr., George M. - Ironclads and Big Guns of the Confederacy, The
Journal & Letters of John M. Brooke,  2002, 257 pp.

*Bulloch, James D. Secret Service of the Confederate States in Europe. Or, How the cruisers were equipped. Lenox Hill, NY, original 1883 and reprinted by Burt Franklin, 1972. 2 volumes.  Vol. 1- 460 pages. Vol II-438 pages. The definitive work by the man who was there in the middle. He brought supplies over on the blockade runner FINGAL and reluctantly gave up promised command of the FLORIDA and ALABAMA to run the Secret Service. He was truly an outstanding man.

*Butler, Lindley. Pirates, Privateers, and Rebel Raiders of the Carolina Coast. UNC Press, 2000.
226 pages of text plus glossary, notes, bibliography,  and index. The book gives good thumbnail sketches on 8 individuals and their connection with the North Carolina Coast: James W. Cooke, John N. Maffitt, John T. Wood, and James I. Waddell - CSN, included among others.  Good reading, 20 - 40 pages on each subject.  Pretty good maps, some excellent photos and illustrations.  Mainly on CW experiences, but pretty good pre-war biographies, and some post-war info. (reviewed by Henry Harris)

Campbell, R. Thomas. Exploits of the Confederate Navy. Published by Burd Street Press.
*1.  Gray Thunder, 1996, 212 pages.New Orleans, CSS ARKANSAS, ALABAMA, Cmd. John Taylor Wood, blockade
*2.  Southern Thunder, 1996, 198 pages.Stories of the CSS SUMTER, ARKANSAS, TENNESSEE. Also blockade runners and the exploits of Lt. Charles W. Read on the overland torpedo expedition.
*3.  Southern Fire, 1997, 263 pages. CSS FLORIDA, Charleston, Roanoke, CSS ALBEMARLE, CSS STONEWALL
*4.  Fire & Thunder, 1997, 294 pages. Covers England, Georgia, North Carolina, New Orleans, Galveston, East Coast, Blockade runners, Australia
*5.  Academy on the James: The Confederate Naval School, 1998, 283 pages. CSS PATRICK HENRY on the James River in Virginia.
6.  CSS H. L. Hunley, Confederate Submarine, 1999, 175 pages.
*7. Beneath the Stainless Banner, 1999, 229 pages. The Confederate part of John M. Kell's Recollections.
*8.  Sea Hawk of the Confederacy: Charles W. Read, 1999. This is a great addition. Read was on the CSS Arkansas, CSS Florida, CSS Clarence-Tacony-Archer, CSS Webb, and headed an overland torpedo expedition in Virginia.
He really is deserving of being much better known.
 *9.  Hunters of the Night, Confederate Torpedo Boats in the War Between the States
 White Mane Publishing Company, Inc., July, 2000
*10. Confederate Navy Quizzes and Facts, 2001, 166 pages. A question and answer book that will increase your knowledge of details and trivia. Loaded with nice pictures (he has used a couple of ours). A must have.
*11. Midshipman in Gray, ca. 1999, 250 pp.
*12. Southern Service on Land & Sea: The Wartime Journal of Robert Watson, CSA/CSN.  Univ. of TN. Press at Knoxville, 2002, 207 pages. This is an edited version of the papers of a very interesting person who wrote very detailed and discriptive work including names of associated persons. You might find your Florida ancestors mentioned here! The original is in the Florida State Archives at Tallahassee, Florida.
The author has a website with his books directly available:

*Chance, Chance & Topper. Tangled Machinery and Charred Relics. Sun Printing, SC, 1985.  The historical and archaeological investigation of the CSS NASHVILLE. Great photos. 267 pages.

*Clarke, Hewitt.  He Saw the Elephant. Lone Star Press, Spring, Texas, 2000. Story of Lt. Charles W. Read, CSN, 263 pages.  Invented dialog has been added. This reads more like a historical novel.

Coker, P. C. Charleston's Maritime Heritage 1670-1865. 310 pages, published 1987 by CokerCraft Press, PO Box 176, Charleston, SC  29402  Includes the Hunley, the David's, the Union Ironclad attacks, etc. with many illustrations in color and several were produced exclusively for this volume.

*Coombe, Jack D.  Thunder Along the Mississippi:  The River Battles that Split the Confederacy. Sarpedon, 1996, 260 pages.

*Coombe, Jack D. Gunfire Around the Gulf: The Last Major Naval Campaigns of the Civil War. Bantom Books, 1999,
231 pages. Founders note: In regards to the part on the CSS FLORIDA, this book is full of errors that could have easily been  documented. Do not use this book as reference for the facts. Too many wrong assumptions and misunderstandings.

*Conrad, James Lee. Rebel Reefers: The Organization and Midshipmen of the CSN Academy. Da Capo Press, 2003, 214 pages. The story of the School Ship Patrick Henry in the James River, Virginia.

*Coski, John M. Capital Navy:  The Men, Ships and Operations of the James River Squadron, Savas Woodbury Publishers, 1996, 344 pages.

*Cussler, Clive and Craig Dirgo. The Sea Hunters. Simon and Schuster, 1996, 364 pages. Stories of locating and/or diving on the Confederate ships CSS Florida, CSS Arkansas, and submarine H. L. Hunley. Invented dialog is added to the stories preceding the search/dive information and is entertaining but don't take it all for fact as there are glaring errors or add-libs also, however, some of it is very factual. Only a well studied student of the CSN will know! This would make a good test!

*Daniel, Larry J. & Gunter, Riley W. Confederate Cannon Foundries, Pioneer Press, 1977, 112 pages.

*Danzell, George W. The Flight From the Flag. The continuing effect of the civil war upon the American carrying trade. Univ. of NC Press, 1940. 292 pages. The results of the damage caused by the cruisers to commerce.

*Dawson, Francis W. Reminiscences of Confederate Service.  1861-1865.  LSU Press, 1980. Originally printed 1882 in Charleston, SC by News and Courier Book Presses. Dawson was an Englishman who wanted to fight for the South's freedom. He served on the cruiser CSS NASHVILLE. He had a brilliant career running the Charleston News and Courier Newspaper after the war. He was an ardent Southern supporter.

*Davis, William C. Duel Between the First Ironclads.  Doubleday, NY, 1975. The Monitor vs. Virginia. 201 pages.

*deKay, James Tertius. The Rebel Raiders: The Astonishing History of the Confederacy's Secret Navy.
Ballantine Books, 2002, 257 pages. Mostly  James Dunwoody Bulloch and the Alabama.

*Delaney, Caldwell. Confederate Mobile. Mobile, The Haunted Book Shop, 1971.  Loaded with great pictures.

*Delaney, Norman C. John McIntosh Kell of the Raider Alabama. University of Alabama Press, 1973.

*Donnelly, Ralph W. The Confederate States Marine Corps:  The Rebel Leathernecks. Shippensburg, PA. White Mane Publishing Co., 1989.

*Donnelly, Ralph W. Service Records of Confederate Enlisted Marines, 1979, 125 typed pages, privately printed, hard to find, expensive.

*Dudley, William S., Going South: U.S. Navy Officer Resignations & Dismissals On The Eve Of The Civil War. Naval Historical Foundation Publication, 1981, 55 pages. This is an excellent collection of reasons for the participants who resigned to go to the defense of their respective states and eventually the Confederate States of America. The booklet contains lists of men, birth places, residence, and many detailed dates that are important to know. Reading the first hand accounts of the officers who wrote them leaves no doubt that the war was simply over the right of a state to seceed and where one's loyalty was. Forget some of the nonsense you've heard since then, this was from the men who were involved. Everyone needs a copy of this booklet as a basis to understand the early beginnings of the CSN and subsequent marvelous improvisations to follow.

*Dufour, Charles L.  Nine Men in Gray. Doubleday, 1963. 364 pages. Chapter 4: Confederate Corsair. One of the feature articles is about Lieutenant Charles W. (Savez) Read, of the CSS McRAE, ARKANSAS, FLORIDA, CLARENCE-TACONY-ARCHER, and WILLIAM H. WEBB.

*Durkin, Joseph T.,S.J. Armorer of the Confederacy. Stephen R. Mallory. Benziger Brothers, Inc., NY, 1960. 186 pages.
Secretary of the CS Navy. Served the entire war.

*Durkin, Joseph T, S.J. Stephen R. Mallory: Confederate Navy Chief.  Chapel Hill, Univ. of North Carolina Press, 1954.
The only Secretary of the Confederate Navy. He served the whole war.

*Eliot, George Fielding. Daring Sea Warrior. Franklin Buchanan., Messner, Inc., NY, 1962, 191 pages.
The story of  the Confederate Admiral written with invented dialog that lends itself to interest young people in reading.
Includes his history and experiences before the formation of the CSA.

*Elliott, Robert G. Ironclad of the Roanoke. Gilbert Elliott's ALBEMARLE.  Shippensburg, PA, White Mane Publishing Co., 1994.

*Evans, Clement A. (ed). Confederate Military History. 12 vols. NY, Thomas Yoseloff, 1962. (reprint) Vol. XII. The Confederate States Navy. W. H. Parker.

*Evans, Clement A. (ed). Campaigns of the Civil War. The Navy in the Civil War.  Confederate Military History, vol. VII. (n.D.) Reprint:  Secaucus, NJ., The Blue & Gray Press, c. 1970. In two parts:  The Blockade & The Cruisers by James R. Soley, and the Atlantic Coast by Daniel Ammann.

*Flanders, Alan B. & Westfall, Neale O, eds. Memoirs of E. A. Jack Steam Engineer CSS Virginia, Brandylane Publishers, 1998, 65 pages.

*Florida, State of.  Florida Department of Military Affairs, Special Archives Publication Number 5. Contains service abstracts of Floridians in the CS Navy and Florida Naval Militia, 1861-1865. Very good details on individuals like the Register of Officers from where much of it was obtained. Thanks to Robert Hawks, Director for this info.

*Fonvielle, Chris E. Jr. The Wilmington Campaign. Campbell, CA, Savas Publishing Co., 1997. 623 pages of very well written details of Fort Fisher and the area around Wilmington, North Carolina.

*Forrest, Douglas French. Odyssey in Gray. A Diary of Confederate Service, 1863-1865. An Assistant Paymaster on
the CSS Rappahannock at Calais, France., edited by Bill Still, Virginia State Library, 1979, 352 pages.

*Frazier, Donald S. Cottonclads! The Battle of Galveston and the Defense of the Texas Coast. Ryan Place Publishers, Fort Worth, Texas, 1996, 144 pages. The part involving Capt. Maffitt and the CSS FLORIDA is full of numerous errors.
I can only presume the rest of the book is the same. Do not rely on any info from this book without triple checking it out.

*Garnett, Carrol M. Fort Lowry and Raiders on the Rappahannock. Vantage Press, 2002, 296 pages.
This involves the Provisional Navy of Virginia early in the war before the CSN absorbed them.

*Gibbons, Tony.  Warships and Naval Battles of the US Civil War. Limpsfield, Dragon's World Ltd., 1989.

*Gragg, Rod. Confederate Goliath. The Battle of Fort Fisher. NY., Harper Collins Publishers, 1991.

*Gosnell, H. Allen.  Guns on the Western Waters: The Story of River Gunboats in the Civil War, LSU Press, 1949 and 1993. 273 pages.

*Harwell, Richard B. (ed) Uniform and Dress of the Army and Navy of the Confederate States of America.  (Richmond, 1861) Philadelphia, Ray Riling, 2nd edition, 1960. This information is also in Well's book on CSN.

*Harwell, Richard B. (ed) A Confederate Marine. A sketch of Henry Lea Graves...1861-1865. Tuscaloosa, Confederate Publishing Co., Confederate Centennial Studies #24, 1963.

*Hawk, Robert. Florida's Navy:  Naval Militia, 1565-1945. Published by author in 1993. Has a lot of information not regularly seen. Chapter Three and Four are on the War Between the States and the CSS SPRAY AND CHATTACHOOCHEE. It is full of names and muster rolls including coast guard.

*Hay, David & Joan. The Last of the Confederate Privateers. NY. Crescent Books, 1977. 178 pages.

*Hearn, Chester G. Gray Raiders of the Sea.  How Eight Confederate Warships Destroyed the Union's High Seas Commerce.  Camden, ME., International Marine Publishing, 1992. This covers the Confederate ships: Sumter, Florida, Alabama, Shenandoah, Georgia, Nashville, Tallahassee, Alexandra. Mentions Chickamauga and Rappahannock. 351 pages.

*Hearn, Chester G. The Capture of New Orleans, 1862.  Baton Rouge, LA. State Univ. Press, 1995.

*Hicks, Brian  & Schuyler Kropf, Raising the Hunley;  The Remarkable History & Recovery of the Lost Confederate
Submarine, 2002, 300 pp.

*Hill, Jim Dan.  Sea Dogs of the Sixties.  Barnes & Co., 1935 and 1961. 265 pages. Contains stories on James Dunwoody Bulloch, Sea Lawyer; John Wilkinson, Phantom of the Blockade; Charles William Read, Confederate Von Luckner; and James Iredell Waddell, Seagoing Rip Van Winkle.

*Hinds, John W.  Invasion and Conquest of North Carolina, Anatomy of a
Gunboat War, 1998, 300 pp.

Hinds, John W. The Hunt for the Albemarle;  Anatomy of a Gunboat War,
2002, Burd Street Press, 250 pages.

Hoehling, A.A. Thunder At Hampton Roads. NYC, DaCapo Press, (1976), 1993.

*Hoole, William S. Four Years in the Confederate Navy.  The Career of Captain John Low on the CSS FINGAL, FLORIDA, ALABAMA , TUSCALOOSA, & AJAX.  Athens, Univ. Ga. Press.

*Horan, James D. (ed).  CSS SHENANDOAH. The Memoirs of Lieutenant Commanding James I. Waddell. NY., Crown Publishers, 1960. This has been reprinted by the Washington State Univ. Press as "Confederate Raider in the North Pacific, 1995.

*Horn, Stanley. Gallant Rebel. The Fabulous cruise of the CSS SHENANDOAH. Rutgers Univ. Press, 1947. 292 pages.

*Horner, Dave. The Blockade Runners. True Tales of Running the Yankee Blockade of the Confederate Coast.  Port Salerno, Florida Classics Library, 1992.

*Hunt, C. E.  The Shenandoah or the Last Confederate Cruiser. Hunt was an officer (Acting Masters Mate) on the ship.

*Jeter, Katherine Brash.  A Man and His Boat. The Civil War Career and Correspondence of Lieutenant Jonathan H. Carter, CSN.  Univ. of Southwestern Louisiana, 1996. 206 pages.

*Jones, Charles C., Jr. The Life and Services of Commodore Josiah Tattnall. Printed in Savannah by Morning News Steam Printing House, 1878. 255 pages. This is a rare book we have just located. It is quite expensive but the only biography of him with assistance from his son John R. F. Tattnall, CSMC.

*Jones, Robert A.  Confederate Corsair.  Stackpole Books, 2000. A story of Lt. Charles W. Read, CSN.
This is an excellent book full of very good details.

Jones, Wilbur D. 'The Confederate Rams at Birkenhead.' Tuscaloosa, Confederate Publishing Co., 1961.

*Kell, John M. Recollections of a Naval Life. Neale Books, 1900. Also available in reprint:
Annapolis, Naval Institute Press, Classics of Naval Literature.

*Kloeppel, James E. Danger Beneath The Waves. A history of the Confederate submarine H. L. Hunley. Orangeburg, SC, Sandlapper Publishing, Inc., 1992.

*Kochan, Michael P. & Wideman, John C. Torpedoes: Another Look at the Infernal Machines of the Civil War.
Privately printed by the authors in 2004. They are probably the most knowledgable persons on this subject and build great reproductions used in forts and museums. This book is a wealth of information and well researched with many sketches and images.

*Lamb, Col. William. Colonel Lamb's Story of Fort Fisher. Wilmington, (The Blockade Runner Museum), Wilmington Printing Co., 1966.

*Lewis, Charles Lee. Admiral Franklin Buchanan: Fearless Man of Action. Baltimore, The Norman Remington Co., 1929. This is the first biography of the only full Confederate Admiral.

*Ludington, M.H. Postal History of Blockade Running Through Bermuda 1861-1865.  N.P., British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group, 1996.

*Luraghi, Raimondo.  A History of the Confederate Navy. Annapolis, Naval Institute Press, 1996.

*Lynn, John Worth. Confederate Commando and Fleet Surgeon: Dr. Daniel Burr Conrad. 2001,
Burd Street Press, 197 pages. The story and letters written by Dr. Conrad, of the CSS TENNESSEE in the Battle of Mobile Bay and other times in his life. Good first hand information from one who participated.

*Madaus, H. Michael.  Rebel Flags Afloat.  A survey of the surviving flags of the CS NAVY, Revenue Service, and Merchant Marine.  Winchester, Mass., Flag Research Center, Bulletin 115, 1986.

*Maffitt, Emma Martin. The Life and Services of  John Newland Maffitt. Neale Books. NY. 1906. Written by Capt. Maffitt's 3rd wife (the first 2 died), it covers his entire USN and CSN career and life after the war until his death.

*Maffitt, John Newland. Nautilus or Cruising Under Canvas. 1871, 1872. Capt. Maffitt's historical novel based on his USN career in the USS CONSITUTION. He subsituted different characters for the real ones causing everyone to guess who was who. The writing of this book is what sealed his marriage to Emma Martin, his son's (Eugene) sister in law.  He dictated it and she was the one who wrote it down. A title they were going to use was "The Adventures of Harry Oreto", Maffitt being the character Harry and Oreto was the original dockside name of the CSS FLORIDA.

*Mason, F. van Wyck. Proud New Flags.  A brilliant historical novel of the Confederate Navy in the years 1861-1862.
Lippincott, NY, 1951. Well written. 493 pages.

*Maury, Matthew Fontaine. The Physical Geography of the Sea. T. Nelson and Sons, London, 1855, 493 pages.
Full of his findings of his research on currents and most anything to do with the sealanes. A great work by a man who was known around the world as THE expert. He was also very active in the CSN and well respected.

*Melton, Maurice.  The Confederate Ironclads.  NY, Thomas Yoseloff, 1968.

*Merkel, Andrew. Tallahassee. A ballad of Nova Scotia in the Sixties. Imperial Publishing, Halifax, 1945. A ballad type story of the Confederate cruiser. 103 pages.

*Merli, Frank. J. Great Britain and the Confederate Navy 1861-1864.  Bloomington, Indiana Univ. Press, 1970.

*Michael, Chris. Lelia. Countryvise Limited, 2004, 154 pages. The story of the blockade runner Lelia and it's unfortunate loss off England. This is the only known story of this ship.

*Miller, Edward Stokes.  Civil War Sea Battles. Combined Books, Phila, PA., 1995, 252 pages. We are grateful that this
book has a generous amount information and story on the CSS FLORIDA and it's subsequent effect on other affairs and ships not usually reported on, as well on Confederate Rams; Galveston; Lt. Charles Read, CSN on the Caleb Cushing; the
CSS LOUISIANA and Head of the Passes. A generous number of sketches and images, even though it repeats the often made error of incorrectly labeling the picture of Capt. John Maffitt as 'James'.

*Millett, Wesley and White, Gerald. The Rebel and the Rose.  Cumberland House, Nashville, TN., 2007,  299 pages. This is a welcome story on the lost Confederate gold and the involvement of CSN Paymaster James A. Semple, who was involved with President John Tyler's family. Contains new information

*Moebs, Thomas T. Confederate States Navy Research Guide.  Williamsburg, Moebs Publishing Co., 1991. A full bibiography of nearly all things CSN. Hard to find.

*Morgan, James Morris  Recollections of a Rebel Reefer.  1917. 491 pages. He was a midshipman on the CSS McRAE, CHICORA, and GEORGIA. Full of great stories.

*Morgan, Murray.  Dixie Raider. The saga of the CSS SHENANDOAH.  Dutton & Co., NY, 1948. 336 pages.

*Navy Department.  Civil War Naval Chronology, Washington, D.C. 1961-1966. Listings of dates, times and places from beginning to end of the war.

*Nepveux, Ethel Trenholm Seabrook.  George Alfred Trenholm:  The Company That Went To War. Charleston, Comprint, 1973.

Nepveux, Ethel Trenholm Seabrook. 1999.  George A. Trenholm:  Financial Genius of the Confederacy  His Associates and His Ships That Ran the Blockade.

*Owsley, Frank L. Jr., The CSS FLORIDA: Her Building and Operations.  Philadelphia, Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 1965.

*Parker, William H. Recollections of a Naval Officer 1841-1865. Annapolis, Naval Institute Press, 1883, 1985.
403 pages. Served on the CSS Beaufort; Palmetto State; Patrick Henry; Richmond.

*Parrish, Tom Z. The Saga of the Confederate Ram Arkansas.The Mississippi Valley Campaign, 1862. Hill College Press, 1987. 237 pages.

*Pearl, Cyril.  Rebel Down Under.  When the 'Shenandoah' shook Melbourne, 1865.  Heinemann, Melbourne, 1970. 199 pages.

*Perry, Milton F. Infernal Machines.  The story of  CS Submarine and Mine Warfare.  Baton Rouge, Louisiana State Univ. Press, 1965.

*Phillips, Kate Tucker. Mobile's Hunley.  Twentieth Century Printing, Mobile, Ala. 1990. This is a little known historical novel completed in 1946 by a local historian in the town where the submarine Hunley was built.

*Preble, George H. Escape of the Confederate Steamer Oreto Into Mobile Bay, September 4, 1862.  Preble's defense of not being able to stop the CSS FLORIDA's running the blockade into the bay. Friends before and after the war, Capt. Maffitt later testified in 1872 in his favor at his court martial for this event (he was acquitted). Preble did not know Maffitt was on the ship when he tried to sink it.  Privately printed, 1862.

*Ragan, Mark.  The Hunley:  Submarines, Sacrifice & Success in the Civil War. Charleston, Narwhal Press Inc., 1995. This is a very good and most complete as possible book on the submarine torpedo boat.

Ragan, Mark K.  Union and Confederate Submarine Warfare in the Civil War, Savas Publishing, 1999, 310 pages.
This is a truly fascinating book that is full of surprises even to serious students of the war. A superb job of research.
The CSS H. L. Hunley submarine wasn't the only one out there. You will be amazed how many have been noted.

*Riling, Ray.  Uniform and Dress of the Army and Navy of the Confederate States. Philadelphia, PA., 1960, 64 un-numbered pages. This is a reprint of the original of 1861 containing many details of the uniforms and will be especially useful to re-enactors for information for the construction of theirs and a good study for historians in general. It is a very hard to find book. Many sketches. Only 2000 copies printed.

+*Roberts, W. Adolphe. Semmes of the Alabama. Bobbs-Merrill Co., Indianapolis and New York. 1938. 320 pages. This is one of the earlier and better descriptions of the life of Rear Admiral Raphael Semmes. It brings out facts not seen very often even in later books.

*Robinson, William M. Jr. The Confederate Privateers.  Columbia, USC Press, 1990.

*Rose, Duncan. The Romantic Career of a Naval Officer, Federal and Confederate:  Captain Maffitt of the USS CRUSADER (a slave ship capturer) and the CSS FLORIDA., Spray, NC, 1935. In fact, Maffitt probably captured more illegal slave ships and freed more slaves than anyone else on the sea. (More proof the war was NOT mainly over slavery)

*Rye, Scott. Men & Ships of the Civil War.  1995. Longmeadow Press, Ct. 287 pages. Features many CSN ships. Well written by a local author who has a very good ability to digest complex information and present it in a very readable form.

*Schafer, Louis S. Confederate Underwater Warfare.  An Illustrated History. Jefferson, NC, McFarland & Co., Inc. 1996.

*Scharf, J. Thomas. History of the Confederate States Navy from its Organization to the Surrender of its Last Vessel. NY, Rogers & Sherwood, 1887.

+*Schooler, Lynn. The Last Shot.  Harper Collins, 2005, 308 pages. A story on the CSS SHENANDOAH from the pen of an Alaskan.

Semmes, Commander Raphael. The Cruise of the Alabama and the Sumter.  2 volumes., London, Saunders, Otley & Co., 1864.

*Semmes, Admiral Raphael.  Memoirs of Service Afloat, during the War Between the States.  Baltimore, Kelly Piet & Co., 1869.

*Shirreffs, Gordon D. The Gray Sea Raiders, Chilton Company--Book Division, Philadelphia and NY. 1961, 160 pages.
A  book for young people on Capt. John N. Maffitt and the CSS Florida story.

*Shofner, Jerrell H. Daniel Ladd: Merchant Prince of Frontier Florida. University of Presses of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, 1978, 180 pages. Ladd's story involves St. Marks, Florida and the CSS SPRAY and it's prewar history. One of the few sources on this Confederate Navy ship.

*Silverstone, Parl H. Warships of the Civil War Navies, Gallery Books, 1989, 176 pages.

* Sinclair, Arthur.  Two Years on the Alabama. Reprint Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, 1989. Originally published in 1895. 303 pages. Very good for details.

*Shaw, David W. Sea Wolf of the Confederacy: The Daring Civil War Raids of Naval Lt. Charles W. Read.
Free Press, 2004, 226 pages. There can never be enough books on this great officer.

*Shingleton, Royce G. John Taylor Wood. Sea Ghost of the Confederacy.  Athens, Univ of Georgia Press, 1982. 242 pages. An excellent story about his experiences on the CSS VIRGINIA and TALLAHASSEE and his escape through Georgia and Florida to Cuba and Nova Scotia after the war was over.

*Shingleton, Royce. High Seas Confederate. The life and times of John Newland Maffitt. Columbia, USC Press, 1994.

*Smith, C. Carter, Jr. (ed) Two Naval Journals: 1864. The journals of John C. O'Connell, CSN and Pvt. Charles Brother, USMC at the Battle of Mobile Bay. Birmingham, Al., Southern Univ. Press, 1969.

 *Smith, Mason Philip.  Confederates Downeast.  Confederate operations in and around Maine. Provincial Press, Portland, Maine, 1985, 210 pages. This is a very well written book containing new information on the Confederate Navy operations around Maine and Nova Scotia. It explores exploits of Master William Collins, who has been quite obscure. Also has parts on Lt. Charles W. Read, and Master John Brain.

*Soley, James Russell. The Blockade and the Cruisers. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1883, NY. 257 pages.

Solomon, Robert S. The CSS DAVID. The story of the first succesfull torpedo boat. Charleston, Comprint, 1970, 1976.

*Spence, Dr. E. Lee. Treasures of the Confederate Coast:  The Real Rhett Butler.  Miami/Charleston, Narwhal Press, Inc., 1996. Comprehensive information on Atlantic Ocean (NC, SC, GA) shipwrecks. Great reading and detailed studies.

*Spencer, Warren F. The Confederate Navy in Europe. Tuscaloosa, Univ of Alabama Press, 1983.

*Spencer, Warren F. Raphael Semmes. The Philosophical Mariner. Tuscaloosa, Univ. of Alabama Press, 1996.

Sprunt, James. Chronicles of the Cape Fear River 1660-1916.  Wilmington, Broadfoot Publishing., 1992. Reprint of second 1914 edition. Sprunt was a friend of Capt. and Mrs. Maffitt.

*Sprunt, James.  (C.M.D. Thomas, ed.) Tales of the Cape Fear Blockade.  Wilmington, Charles Towne Preservation Trust., 1960. #1029.  Sprunt assisted Mrs. Maffitt in her biography of Capt. Maffitt in 1906. Sprunt served as a powder boy in the war and lived at Orton Plantation.

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