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 What's New??------for frequent viewers

BIBLIOGRAPHY of CSN books and references (this will keep you busy!)(and you'll learn a lot, too)

Confederate Navy Shipyards (a whole lot more of them than you would think)*(and all this in just 4 years---amazing!)

Weapons---Cannons and Small Arms (lots of pictures)

Confederate States Notes $$$ With Ships and Naval Subjects (beautiful money and worth more than face value!)

Item Locator Page--- where to go to view originals of uniforms, ships, arms, etc (plan your vacation)

Tribute to the CSN at the monument dedication in Montgomery, Alabama, 7 Dec. 1897 (a must read)

The C. S. Steamer (CSS) FLORIDA (the first cruiser built overseas in England)

List of CSN Officers as of 1 January 1864 with rank of Commander or higher.

Register of CSN and CSMC Commissioned and Warrant Officers as of 1 January 1864

More detailed roster of CS Marine Officers as of January 1864

 A Brief CSN Summary of Achievements and guns of the Ironclad fleet by Capt. W.H.Parker (He ran Naval Acad)

 **Additional info**Tucker's Naval Battalion and their fight at Sayler's Creek, VA., 1865 (CS sailors in land battles)

 List of CS ships with descriptions by location (our arrangement of this will help you get your bearings)

Battle of Mobile Bay by Capt. J. D. Johnston of the CSS TENNESSEE (his corrections of writers' errors)

 Confederate Secret Service letters regarding the CSS SHENANDOAH (about it's acquisition)

Story of the CSS STONEWALL by it's commander, Capt. T. J. Page, CSN (it's acqusition and disposition)

An alphabetical list of CSN ships from the Official Records of the Navies (ORN) (this is most of them)

Confederate Torpedo service at Charleston, by Lt. Glassell, CSN, attack by the "David"

 CSN & CSMC articles from various issues of Civil War Times Illustrated Magazine (makes finding them easier)

C.S. NAVY and MARINE prisoners who died at Point Lookout, Maryland

 CSN and CSMC prisoners who died at Elmira Prison Camp in NY (buried Woodlawn National Ceme.)

 Confederate Navy prisoners who died at Fort Warren Prison, Boston Harbor, Mass.

CSN prisoners paroled at Alexandria, Louisiana, 1865.

Sailors who joined the A. B. Noyes' Coast Guard and/or CSN at St. Marks, Wakulla County, Florida

Sailors who joined  Jacob Rabby's Coast Guard at Bayou La Batre, Alabama

Sailors mostly from Key West who joined the Florida Coast Guard at Tampa, Florida and mentioned in Robert Watson's diary located in the Florida State Archives at Tallahassee, Florida

Battle of Mobile Bay CS NAVY and Marine prisoners sent to Ship Island, Mississippi, 5 August 1864
and to New Orleans 
Names and Locations of CSN veterans published by the Richmond Examiner newspaper in 1907 (check your city)
List of CS Navy related articles and miscellaneous from the Southern Historical Society Papers (original writings)

Index to Muster rolls of selected ships from the ORN

Index to Letters of Marque and Reprisal from the ORN on privateers

Index of Navy Pension applications in Florida (good info for genealogy, service records or finding graves)

Organization of the CSN and report from Secy. Mallory to The President as of 26 April 1861

Report from Secy. Mallory to The President on the condition of the CS Navy as of Feb 1862

Report from Secy. Mallory to The President on the condition of the CS Navy as of August 1862

Report from Secy. Mallory to The President on the condition of the CS Navy as of 30 November 1863

Report from Secy. Mallory to The President on the condition of the CS Navy as of 30 April 1864

Report from Secy. Mallory to The President on the condition of the CS Navy as of 5 November 1864 
Descriptions of Vessels, by Chief Naval Constructor John L. Porter, CSN (he knew 'cause he built many of them)

The CSS SHENANDOAH cruise, by one of her Officers, Dr. McNulty, CSN  (in the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans)

The Gold and Silver in the Confederate Treasury, by Capt. William H. Parker, CSN, who had charge of it 

Lincoln shot to avenge the execution of John Yates Beall of the Confederate States Navy (You heard it here first!)

For CSN Collectors and Re-enactors---ITEMS FOR SALE (uniform shoulder straps, hat devices, books etc)

Confederate Marine officer burial locations (see if you can find some of these and send them in)

Lt. Charles W. Read's story in the Southern Historical Society Papers, Reminiscences of the CSN (CSS Arkansas)

Cruise of the CSS CLARENCE, TACONY-ARCHER in SHSP (also including Lt. Charles W. Read) (great cruise)

Confederate School Ship CSS Patrick Henry---SHSP article by Lt. J. H. Rochelle

In 1865, Redoubt #2 at Spanish Fort, Alabama named for Lt. Edw. J. McDermett of the CS Navy

Contents list of the Official Records of the Navies (ORN). (Helpful if you don't have a set of books at home)

General Orders No. 1 from Commander R. L. Page at Savannah (for the management of the squadron---helpful to re-enactors)

Naval Laws of the Confederate States (Excerpts from the entire set of laws made by the C. S. Congress)

1894 paper read by Virginius Newton on : The CSN: What It Accomplished During the War

(Read to R. E. Lee UCV Camp in Richmond, Va)

List of CS Army to CS Navy transfers dated 18 April 1864 at Richmond, Va (Special Orders No. 90)

Locations of CSN/CSMC personnel images on internet, books, magazines, periodicals


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