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Sailors mostly from Key West who joined the Florida Coast Guard at Tampa, Florida and mentioned in Robert Watson's diary located in the Florida State Archives at Tallahassee, Florida
                                                          Transfers to the CSN mentioned

Information from Robert Watson's diary beginning 27 Sept. 1861.
Starting with Mulrennan's Coast Guard (aka Key West Avengers).
The common thread here is the names below are all mentioned in the diary, NOT that they always all served together.
That will take some sorting out to figure it out. Many names were spelled several different ways, adding to the confusion---differences in [brackets].

In April 1862  they were mustered into Capt. Robert B. Smith's 7th Regt. Florida Volunteers stationed at Tampa.
They were constantly requesting permission from Secy. Mallory to join the Confederate Navy.
The ones marked (KW) were stated to be residents of Key West and in the Coast Guard in a transfer request to the CSN..
5 August 1862 mentions actual transfers to the CSN and sent to Chattachoohee, Florida, marked below by (62XF-CSN).
3 March 1864 mentions more transfers (17) to the CSN, noted below by (64XF-CSN)

Albury, Benjamin
Allison, John (4th Sgt)(62XF-CSN)
Anderson, Charles (Cook)
Ashby, Samuel
Barnett, James (KW)(64XF-CSN)
Bethel, John
Berry, Charles H. (Coxswain)(1st Sgt) (KW)(62XF-CSN)
Bryson, R. (64XF-CSN)
Burns, Thomas (KW)(62XF-CSN)
Butler, Thomas
Canfield, ???
Chabot [Chabet], Jules A. (5th Sgt) (KW)(62XF-CSN)
Chapman, Charles (KW)(64XF-CSN)
Cole, Joseph E. (Coxswain)(3nd Sgt) (KW)(62XF-CSN)
Collins, J. E.
Collins, Charles (62XF-CSN)
Comb, Charles
Curry, William D. (KW)
Decon, M. Montes (64XF-CSN)
Dees, Francisco (KW) [aka? Dias, F.] (64XF-CSN)
Dorsey [Dorey], Edward (Cook) (KW) [aka? Dorey, Z.] (64XF-CSN)
Duprey, John (KW)
Duke, John (62XF-CSN)
Edward, G. W.
Fagan, Joseph (KW)
Falley, R. [Fales, Rofino] (KW) [aka? Fallos, Rofeno] (64XF-CSN)
Franklin, William (64XF-CSN)
Joysolyn, W. E. [Joseylin, William] (KW)
Leavitt, James (KW)
Lowe, Alfred B. (KW)(64XF-CSN)(CS Ram SAVANNAH)
Lowe, J. T. (64XF-CSN)
Lowe, William E. (64XF-CSN)
Mason, John (64XF-CSN)
Miller, Charles (62XF-CSN)
Morgan, Samuel (1st Corp)(KW)(62XF-CSN)
Morrison, John
Moretidecca, Manuel (KW)
Moss, J. A. (KW) [aka? Mose, Josephus] (64XF-CSN)
Murilac [Murilao], Augustus (3rd Corp)(64XF-CSN)
Oliveria [Oliver], Marcus A. (KW)
O'Neal, William (64XF-CSN)
Phalez, Regino (4th Corp)
Rickards, George V.(B)., Seaman, Carpenter (KW)
Sands, John. B. (KW)(62XF-CSN)
Sawyer, William (died in Knoxville, Tennessee, 28 Dec. 1862)(2nd Corp)(KW)
Smith, G. W.
Swain, Benjamin
Talbut, J. W.
Watson, Robert (2nd Sgt)(Seaman, Carpenter) (KW)(64XF-CSN)(CS Ram SAVANNAH)
Weatherford, Jacob (KW)
Williams, Peter
Williamson, J.[I.] P., Seaman, Carpenter (KW)(64XF-CSN)

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