Confederate States Navy Research Library, Mobile, Alabama,

              Sailors Who Joined the Coast Guard and/or CSN at St. Mark's, Wakulla County, Florida

The Coast Guard unit was the A. B. Noyes Coast Guard noted as CG herein.

Andrews, Kineon-----Private, CG            Born 1832 in Virginia
Benton, William-------Seaman, CG, enlisted 9 Oct 1861, discharged 26 Apr 65, born 1830 in Georgia
Blythe,Thomas--------Seaman, CG&CSN, CSS SPRAY, enlisted 14 Oct 61, born 1848 in Florida
Blythe, William--------Coswain, CG, enlisted 8 Oct 61, born 1820 in England
Brantley, H.A.--------Coxwain, CG&CSN, CSS SPRAY, enlisted 15 Oct 61 & 3 Mar 63, born 1816 in North Carolina
Calhoun, Charles------Seaman, CG, enlisted 13 Oct 61, born 1842 in Georgia
Cannon, L.S.----------Seaman, CG, born 1829 in Georgia
Castillo, John----------CSN,  born 1845 in Florida
Castillo, Joses----------Pilot, CG, enlisted 9 Oct 61, born 1838 in Louisiana
Comparith, John B.----Seaman, CG, enlisted 13 Oct 61, born 1834 in Alabama
Condelary, William-----Seaman, CG, enlisted 1862, born 1841 in Florida, died 1864 Petersburg,  Virginia serving in 5th Florida Infantry
Davis, George W.------Seaman, CG, born 1830 in Greece
Davis, William----------1st Cabin Boy, CSN, CSS SPRAY, enlisted 3 Mar 63, born 1845 in Fla.
Dudley, Milton----------CG, enlisted Camp Leon on 14 Mar 62, born 1828 in Georgia, died 15 April 1864, Jersey Shore, Fort Delaware
Ellis, Nicholas-----------Seaman, CG, enlisted 13 Oct 61, born 1821 in Tennessee
Faircloth, Allen D.-------CG, born 1811 in Georgia
Fred, Nicholas-----------Seaman, CG, enlisted 18 Oct 61, born 1815 in Greece, died Charlottesville, Virginia, buried University of Virginia Cemetery
Hamlin, George----------CG, born 1842 in Maine
Hughs, Henry------------Seaman, CG, enlisted 14 Oct 61, born 1814 in France
Kineda, David M.-------Coxswain, CG, born 1801 in Georgia
Kinlock, James S.-------CG, enlisted 14 May 61 at Camp Leon, born 1833 in Scotland, died 6 May 1864 at the Wilderness
Kinlock, Thomas--------Landsman & Ships Steward, CSN, CSS SPRAY, enlisted 26 Feb 63, born 1837 in Scotland, of light complexion, worked at Daniel Ladd's jewelry store before war
Lee, Eligha--------------CG, enlisted 9 Oct 61, born 1835 in South Carolina
McLaren, John----------Coxswain, CG, born 1820 in England, Pilot on Spray in 1858 and on Kate Merrill in 1860
Morrison, John----------Seaman, Henry Murenan Coast Guard, enlisted 15 Dec 61, born 1836 in  South Carolina
Powell, William----------CG, enlisted 20 Oct 61, born 1836 in Georgia
Remington, Abner H.----CG, enlisted 14 Mar 62 at Camp Leon, born 1824 in New York, captured 14 Sept 62 at South Mountain, transferred to CSN 3 April 64
Rollins, James F.---------CG, CSS SPRAY, enlisted 30 Feb 64, born 1836 in Georgia, light complexion
Sweat, James G.---------CG, enlisted 14 Mar 62 at Camp Leon, born 1833 in North Carolina, died of pneumonia 7 Jan 63 in Lynchburg, Virginia
Thomas, John C.---------CG, enlisted 14 Mar 62 at Camp Leon, Waldo, Florida, died 28 June 63 of disease, wife Martha H. Thomas

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