Confederate States Navy Research Center, Mobile,Alabama,
Sayler's Creek, Virginia
This unique story was published by the Alabama Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans in their newsletter and is used with permission.
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Sayler's Creek
On 6 April 2003, the Founder was able to attend a memorial re-enactment at Sayler's Creek Park Battlefield.
Thanks to David M. Born, Chief Ranger and Wendy Lee Oliver, Chairman of Sayler's Creek Reenactment and Preservation Committee, Inc. for their courtesy and helpful information. They encourage your visit and participation.
From Virginia Hwy 360 (the road of Gen'l Lee's and Naval Brigade's retreat from Richmond/Petersburg and Drewry's Bluff)
take Road 307 west for 6.5 miles to Road 617, take a right (north) for 2 miles to the park entrance.
It is located in southwest Amelia County where Nottoway and Prince Edward Counties join together.
The various spellings are: Original settler in the 1700's was Saylor; during the time of the WBTS is was Sayler which is what the locals use; the park spelling, Sailor, is used to match the Official Records & reports
(and after all, it was a sailor's land battle!).
GPS 37.3028N; 78.2286W
Monument on west side of creek (north of road)  is to the right of where the CS Naval Brigade fought
GPS 37.3034N; 78.2272W
Roadside marker on west side of creek (south of road) looking east toward Hillsman House and farm
Images by the Founder
Hillsman House on east side of creek as it is now in 2003
Hillsman House on east side of creek as it was then
Images by the Founder
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