Confederate Navy Shipyards
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Updated 6 September 2003
Above images by the Founder
Many of the Brooke Rifles (cannons) used by the CS Navy in Mobile and Columbus, Ga. were made at Selma.
GPS 32.6059N; 85.4825W
Images by the founder
The matching lathe to the one at Selma. This one was moved prior to the evacuation of that city in 1865.
Now located next to Samford Hall at Auburn University
******Coosa St.*******Commerce St.  
Arrow points to the building site of the gunboat CSS NASHVILLE on the Alabama River at Montgomery. It is located at the foot of Coosa St. & Commerce St. The Soap Works was located on the bluff  to the left of the arrow. 
Map and information courtesy Henry Harris of NC
 IMAGES from Montgomery corresponding to the above map
From the foot of Commerce St. looking downriver
The sign on High Red Bluff is at this same point
From the foot of Coosa St. looking upriver
Just to the right is the creek pointed to on map above
Looking south from upriver towards the landing
*Images by the founder
(Note: you will have to 'click' on map above to enlarge it for easy viewing) Ironically there are currently  2 paddlewheel tour boats anchored where you see the two steam boats moored on the above map. There is a tunnel (then and now) under the railroad tracks at the foot of Commerce St. leading to the water (notice the pedestrians and wagons). You can drive your car down Coosa St. to the river-park.
Oven Bluff shipyard on the Tombigbee River
Looking north up the river towards Jackson, Alabama.
This image was taken from the base of Oven Bluff.
The entire area is in a State of Alabama  Game Preserve.
Shipyard below in center on right bank.
It is believed 3 or 4 un-named ships were launched here.
The Brooke Rifles numbers S-26 & S-96 were mounted on the bluff.
Images by the Founder with the location assistance of Steve Kennedy, Charles Pezent, Fred Pringle and Lawrence Blackwell of AL
Yazoo City
(Images courtesy Henry Harris of NC)
This section of the Yazoo River was cut off and reduced in size 
Images courtesy Henry Harris of NC
 Edwards Ferry near present day Scotland Neck
Whitehall (now Seven Springs) Building site of the CSS NEUSE
"Cathole"--- King Street bridge, completion and mooring site--Kinston
Located on Trade Street between College and Brevard Streets
Marker dedicated in 1910 by Mary Anna Morrison Jackson (Mrs. Thomas J. 'Stonewall' Jackson)
Photos courtesy Henry Harris of NC
12 miles east of Florence (Hwys 76 & 301)
 Mars Bluff shipyard site is just past the railroad bridge on the right side,
                          Courtesy Bill Chisolm of FL                                                                                     Courtesy Henry Harris of NC 


These propellers and marker are located at the Florence Museum of Art, Science and History
Images courtesy Henry Harris of NC
James Eason Shipyard - Exchange St. Cooper River
Built the "Chicora" & "Charleston."
F. M. Jones, Haddrell's Point - Haddrell St. - Shem Creek - Mount
Pleasant, SC - Built "Columbia."
Near "The Wreck" Restaurant 
James Marsh Shipyard - Market St.
Cooper River -
Built the
"Palmetto State" & incomplete "Milledgeville" Class
Images and info courtesy Henry Harris of NC
Map courtesy Mapquest
Road just below Hardeesville, SC. 
Probably the area where the Tift Brothers
took the FINGAL for conversion into the ATLANTA.
Community of Purysburg (w/2 r's now). 
This is a boat ramp and landing on the Savannah River near
Purrysburg, SC.  The connection on US 17 is about 10 miles from the Savannah bridge.  The boat ramp is about 10 miles
up Purrysburg Rd.  The cemetery is a mile or 2 beyond that.  This road actually crosses I 95, most of it is packed sand.
Info and images courtesy Henry Harris of NC
Courtesy Henry Harris of NC
         Marker at Ash and E. Main Streets just above Dock Street-------------------Site looking across James River from marker
Marker at Dock and 25th Streets
Above two markers located at Dock and Pear Streets
Graves Shipyard

 Courtesy of Henry Harris of NC                                                              Located off Brandon Street
Tredegar Foundry on the James River
View from Hollywood Cemetery. Many of the Brooke Rifles (cannons) used by the CS Navy were made here
Courtesy Henry Harris of NC
(Along the east side of the Chattachoochee River)
Armor plating used on CSS JACKSON
(see hull at Naval Museum)
Looking west across Chattahoochee River from shipyard
Looking downriver (south) towards shipyard from iron works at River Bluff sign
Images courtesy Henry Harris of NC
A. N. Miller Foundry and Wharf, 
CSS Georgia.
Just north of General McIntosh St. & Randolph St
The Savannah-Marriott is now located on site.
Willink's Ship Yard, - CSS Savannah
Just east of of Broad & River Sts., slightly west of A. N. Miller.
Krenson & Hawke's Ship Yard, 
CSS Milledgeville.
Indian & Faghm Sts., just east of US Hwy. 17 bridge
Images courtesy Henry Harris of NC
Algiers Point (East side)
John Hughes Shipyard
GPS 29.9555N; 90.0526
Conversion site of the CSS MANASSAS
Image by the Founder
There is no sign marking this location.
Currently (2003) a small condo overlooks the site beyond the levee on the north side of the old waterfront area.
is considered the world's first fighting ironclad steamer and was first a commissioned privateer and converted from a towboat (tug Enoch Train)  to an ironclad ram at Algiers and taken over by the CSN. 
Credit goes to Capt. John A. Stevenson of New Orleans.
See the book "Confederate Privateers", by Robinson.
Looking south across Cross Bayou as it enters the Red River to the left about 100 yards (east)
West of Clyde Fant Parkway where Commerce Street dead-ends into Caddo Street
The CS Steamer (CSS) MISSOURI was built here by contractors Thomas Moore & John Smoker, dated 10 Dec. 1862.
Project was overseen by Lt. Jonathan H. Carter, CSN, Lt. Commanding Naval Defenses of Western, Louisiana.
See the book "A Man and His Boat" by Jeter for detailed transcription of the correspondance involved.
Known as Block 66, the shipyard was on south side of Cross Bayou as it enters 
Red River
Located incorrectly on north side of Cross Bayou between Spring and Market Street.
The CSS WEBB was not built here but modified.
Known as Block 66, the shipyard was on south side of Cross Bayou as it enters 
the Red River
Railroad bridge to right was built in 1901.
Images courtesy Steve Smith of LA
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