Confederate States Navy Research Library, Mobile, Alabama,

                   Confederate Navy and Marine Deaths at Point Lookout, Maryland Prison

Bright, George F.---------------------CSMC, Co. A
Cartwright, Jesse----------------------
Caul, Stephen-------------------------CSMC, Co. C
Cook, Edwin--------------------------Seaman, Naval Battery
Davis, B.W.---------------------------Seaman
Davis, W.R.---------------------------Seaman
Dunigan, Ed. J.------------------------Assistant Engineer
Hedrick, Samuel-----------------------Naval Battalion, Co. F
Howard, Calvin------------------------Naval Battalion, Co. F
Hudgins, A.----------------------------Seaman
Kennedy, Robert-----------------------Seaman
MacFarland, Duncan B.----------------Landsman
McIntosh, W.F.------------------------Naval Battalion
McKinney, W.H.-----------------------Seaman
Monroe, G.D.--------------------------
Nickolson, R.J.-------------------------CSMC, Co. E
Norris, Thomas F.----------------------Ship Cook
Poole, J.C.------------------------------Naval Battalion, Co. F
Robertson, John H., Sgt.----------------Naval Battalion, Co. F
Russell, C.L.----------------------------CSMC, Co. E
Saunders, James------------------------Seaman
Starley, James H.-----------------------Landsman
Walker, W.H.--------------------------Naval Battalion, Co. F
Whelan, William------------------------Landsman
Winders, Horace------------------------do
Wise, Samuel A.-------------------------do
Womble, John J.-------------------------do

The graves were moved to Scotland, Maryland (just north of the prison) in 1910.

If you want to read more about the terrible conditions at this Federal prison, get a copy of the 1972 book by Edwin Bietzell titled:  Point Lookout Prison Camp for Confederates.

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