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Alphabetical list of CS Marine Officers' Places of Burial

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Info from Ralph Donnelly's book 'Rebel Leathernecks', David M.Sullivan's Biographical Sketches
(a 2001 update of Donnelly's work) and our research 

Last First City State Cemetery Year Date  
Allison  Richard T. Monkton MD St. James Protestant Epis. Church Yard 1909 10 Apr  
Beall  Lloyd J. Richmond VA Hollywood, Lot 101, Section K 1887 10 Nov  
Berry  Albert Seaton Newport KY Evergreen Ceme. 1908 6 Jan  
Bradford  David New Hope, Nelson County KY (Killed by train) 1903 10 July  
Brent Daniel Gonzalez Pensacola FL St. Michael's Catholic 1918 28 Nov
Cameron  Francis Hawkes Hillsboro,Orange C NC St. Matthews Epis. Church Ceme 1900 30 Mar  
Claiborne  James F. New Orleans LA   1867 16 May  
Crenshaw Edward Greenville AL  Magnolia 1911 9 Sep  
Doak Henry Melville Nashville TN (not marked) 1928 28 Sep  
Eggleston  Everard T. Austin TX  Section 1, Oakwood Ceme. 1885 10 Oct  
Fendall James Y.R  New Orleans LA Hope Mausoleum; re-int Girod Ceme. 1867 11 Aug  
Fowler  John D. Goochland City VA   1862 31 Aug  
Gonzalez Samuel Zacharias Pensacola FL St. Michael's Catholic 1907 16 Mar
Graves Henry Lea Newton City GA Mount Pleasant (SE Atlanta) 1892 16 Dec  
Greene Israel Mitchell  SD  Graceland 1909 25 May  
Gwynn Thomas Peyton St. Louis MO Concordia Ceme 1919 22 Feb
Hays Andrew Jackson Finchburg AL Old Hays Ceme. (private) 1896 25 Dec  
Henderson  Richard H Washington DC Congressional Ceme, grave 175,range 54 1880 3 May  
Holmes  George Jacksonville FL  ?? 1888 before July  
Howell Beckett K Natchez? MS?  Brierfield Plantation ? 1882 12 Sep  
Ingraham  Henry Laurens Charlestown SC Strawberry Chapel,e/s Western Branch of Cooper River 1878 9 July  
Johnson Wilbur Fiske Atlanta GA Oakland Ceme. 1874 13 Mar
Lloyd  Edmund J Alexandria VA Christ Church, Wilkes St. 1889 1 Oct  
McCune Henry Harrison St. Louis MO Bellefountaine Ceme. - family plot 1877 21 Jan
Macree (McRee)  Ferguson St. Louis MO Bellefountain Ceme 1883 2 Jan  
Meiere Julius Ernest Cripple Creek CO  (son-in-law of Adm. Buchanan) 1905 3 Dec  
Murdoch  James Campbell Baltimore MD St. Pauls Yard 1889 10 Sep  
Neufville  Edward F. Savannah GA Bonaventure Ceme., Lot 41, Section E 1890 27 Sep  
Pearson  John A. Ft. Smith AR  Oak Ceme--Pearson Family plot 1865 1 Dec   
Pratt  Thomas   
St. George
Annapolis MD St. Annes Episcopal Church Ceme 1895 7 Jan  
Ramsey  Robert M Huntersville NC Presbyterian Church Ceme. 1890 4 Jan  
Raney David G. Apalachicola FL Chestnut Street Ceme. 1903 26 Feb  
Rapier John Lawrence  Mobile AL Catholic Cem.(Lot 3&18, Section C) 1905 7 May
Roberts  John deBerniere Charleston SC St. Phillips Church Yard, Lot 3078, West 1880 28 Apr  
Roberts Samuel Muir Fredericksburg VA Fredericksburg City Ceme. 1891 8 May
Sayre Calvin Montgomery AL Oakwood 1894 3 Nov  
Simms  John D., Jr  Norfolk  VA  Elmwood 1881 24 Aug  
Smith  Eugene Robinette Section AL Section Methodist Church 1929 28 Mar  
Stephenson  Lloyd Beall Leesburg VA Union Ceme 1913 29 Dec  
Stockton  Edward Cantey St. Louis MO 1880 29 Feb  
Tansill  Robert Dumfries VA 5 mi NW, off Cty Rd 643(Vaughanland) 1890 5 Feb  
Tattnall  John R. F. Savannah GA Bonaventure 1907 21 Aug  
Taylor  Algernon Baltimore MD Loudon Park, Row D, Grave 81 1899 26 May  
Terrett  George H. Washington DC Arlington,Hobson Gate,HendersonHall,(USMC) Abby Mauseleum 1875 27 Nov  
Thom Reuben T. Montgomery AL City Cemetery (Oakwood?) 1873 25 Dec  
Thomson  Ruffin Fort Simcoe (Yakima Indian Reservation) WA  Fort Simcoe Cemetery 1888 17 Mar   
Thurston  James Baltimore MD Greenmount Ceme, Area K, Lot 75 1904 13 Apr  
Turner  George P. Huntsville AL Maple Hill Ceme 1905 29 Jun  
Tyler  Henry Ball, Sr. Fairfax Courthouse VA Fairfax Ceme.--family plot 1879 17 Dec  
Tyler  Henry Ball, Jr. Fairfax Courthouse VA Fairfax Ceme?--family plot 1896 22 Jan  
VanBenthuysen  Alfred Crippen New Orleans LA  ? 1871 18 Nov  
Van de Graaff John Steele ? Houston TX ? 1886 ?
Venable  Nathanial E Leesburg FL Lone Oak Ceme (historical sec.) 1893 13 May
Wilson  Thomas S. Springfield MO Antioch/Brick Church Ceme. 1900 7 Nov  

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