C.S. NAVY Research Center, Mobile, Alabama,
Hollywood Cemetery
Cherry Street

Closeup of monument side
Image courtesy Lawrence W. Smith of VA
Commander Matthew Fontaine Maury,
Pathfinder of the Seas
Courtesy Bill Chisolm of SC
Closeup of monument side
Image courtesy Lawrence W. Smith of VA

Colonel-Commandant Lloyd Beall, CSMC
Section K, Lot 101
Courtesy Retired Col. Robert Johnson of Va.
James Hally, Co. C, CS Marines
Courtesy Clay Ainsworth of La.
George A. Schanck
Killed by lightning!
Courtesy Lawrence W. Smith of VA
Click Here for some CSN names from the Confederate Section of Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond.
We now have images of many of them.
Cedar Grove Cemetery
Located between Effingham Street and Fort Lane in Olde Towne Portsmouth.
Enter through the south gate to the cemetery on London Boulevard.

John L. Porter, Chief Naval Constructor, 

Capt. James W. Cooke, 
Photos courtesy Doug Cooke of TX
 Reserved for:
Eugenius Alexander Jack - 1840-1911, 
age 71yrs., Engineer. CSN
Located in family plot. Lot 339  Ave. 5, Old 190.
Courtesy Lynn Jack of SC

Lt. William Henry Murdaugh
Commanding CS Schooner MANASSAS and launches Mosquito and Sandfly; CS Revenue Service United States; CSS BEAUFORT
Ordnance Inspector in London on LeMat revolver  and others
Image courtesy Doug Cooke of TX
Lt. John W. Murdaugh
Image courtesy Doug Cooke of TX
Oak Grove Cemetery
Reserved for ???

Gunner John A. Lovett
Served on CSS Patrick Henry, Chattahoochee; Drewery's Bluff; CSS North Carolina; Battery Buchanan at Fort Fisher; Saylor's Creek.
Image courtesy Dorothy Grimes of VA
Reserved for ???

Stonewall Jackson Cemetery (Presbyterian)
Commander John Mercer Brooke
Inventor of the Brooke Rifle; designed CSS VIRGINIA
Buried 30 yards south of Stonewall Jackson
Courtesy Bill Chisolm of SC
NOTE: The Brooke Rifle shown is NOT at the gravesite but located in Jackson, Alabama 
and placed alongside as a testimony and memorial to this great inventor

Located next to large hickory tree and between John M. Brooke and Stonewall Jackson monument
GPS 37.7807N; 79.4452W
Samuel Zenas Ammen
Transferred from the Army to the CS Navy (CSS Schultz)
Considered the Practical founder of Kappa Alpha Order
Washington and Lee University
Location by Bonnie Conway of AL. Image by the founder.

Presbyterian Cemetery
 Surgeon D. S. Green
Fleet Surgeon James River Sq.
Served Richmond Station
Image courtesy Bill Chisolm of SC
Arlington Co
 Lt. Henry H. Marmaduke
Served numerous squadrons
Buried at base of Confed. Monument
Image courtesy Bill Chisolm of SC
Saint John's Episcopal Church
Lt. Commanding John Pembroke Jones 
died in Pasadena, California and is mentioned in "Confederate Veteran" magazine.
He had a lot of service on: CSS RESOLUTE; VIRGINIA; GEORGIA; SAVANNAH; NANSEMOND; RALEIGH; ARCTIC; NORTH CAROLINA. Served at Barretts Point, Elizabeth River; Savannah Squadron; Battle of Port Royal, SC; James River Squadron; Wilmington, NC Squadron and Commanding submarine defenses, Chaffins Bluff. 
Image courtesy Bill & Debbie Mixon of VA

Cedar Grove Cemetery
GPS 36.8586N; 76.2831W

Commander Richard Lucian Page, CSN
Born 20 December 1807; Died 9 August 1901
Also commissioned as a Bridadier General and was in charge of Fort Morgan during the Battle of Mobile Bay.
Previous service was Inspector of Ordnance at  Gosport Navy Yard, Va; Savannah, Ga; Battle of Port Royal, SC; Charlotte, NC. 
He was the uncle of  Commander Catesby ap Roger Jones.
Image courtesy Burl R. Kennedy
Captain John Randolph Tucker
(Admiral of the Amazon)
Ordnance Officer, Norfolk, Va; Commanding CSS PATRICK HENRY; Battle of Hampton Roads & Drewry's Bluff; Charleston Squadron, Commanding CSS CHICORA; 
Tucker's Naval Brigade at Sayler's Creek, Va.
Born 31 January 1812
Died 12 June 1883 at Petersburg, Va.
Image courtesy Bill & Debbie Mixon of VA
Norfolk-Cedar Grove Cemetery

Captain Samuel Barron, Sr.
Vriginia & North Carolina defenses; Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers defenses; Flag Officer Commanding naval forces in Europe
Image courtesy Bill & Debbie Mixon of VA
Lt. Thomas Lardner Dornin
CSS PATRICK HENRY, James River Squadron; CSS ALERT; CSS RAPPAHANNOCK; CSS FLORIDA; Fort Fisher; Semmes Naval Brigade
Image courtesy Bill & Debbie Mixon of VA
Lot 27, 1st A. W.
Commander Charles Fleming McIntosh
Served  on Elizabeth River; CSRS United States; Gosport Navy Yard; CSS LOUISIANA; died 17 May 1862
Image courtesy Deni Norred-Williams of VA
 Norfolk-Cedar Grove Cemetery

Commander Benjamin Pollard Loyall
Prisoner Ft. Warren, 1861; Gosport Navy Yard, 1862; Roanoke Is., NC; CSS RICHMOND; James River Squadron; Johnson's Island expedition, 1863; Special Duty, 1863-64; Commanding CSS NEUSE, 1864; 
Image courtesy Bill & Debbie Mixon & Jean Spencer of VA
Cedar Grove Cemetery

1st Lt. William Sharp
CSS Patrick Henry and Commanding CSS Beaufort;
Commanding Kinston Station and CSS Neuse
(Image courtesy descendant Jim Garrett of MD
Donna Bluemink and Robert Hitchings of the Norfolk Public Library)
Cedar Grove Cemetery

Charles Sharp
Gunner, CSS Virginia,
from United Artillery Company
(Image courtesy descendant Jim Garrett of MD
and Donna Bluemink and Robert Hitchings of the Norfolk Public Library)

Elmwood Cemetery

Commander Robert Baker Pegram
Norfolk Station; Elizabeth River batteries; Cruiser NASHVILLE; Steamers RICHMOND & VIRGINIA II; James River Squadron
William Armstead Graves,
Acting Naval Constructor
Richmond Station
William E. Hines, Master
1864 Torpedo expedition in James River
Lewis M. Hudgins, Acting Master
Richmond Station
Henry Selden Cooke, Master
CSRS United States; Gosport Navy Yard; CSS ARKANSAS; Steamers NANSEMOND, FREDERICKSBURG, PATRICK HENRY; James River Squadron; Steamers RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, ARCTIC; Wilmington Station; Charleston Station; Semmes Naval Brigade
John M. Gibbs, Master
Gosport Navy Yard; Charlotte, NC; Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography
Lt. William Edward Hudgins
Served on Yorktown Naval Battery, CSS SAVANNAH, Savannah Squadron; Fort Fisher, NC.
 Reserved for 
Capt. John D. Simms, CSMC
Will F. Minson
Shown on list at Libby Prison, Richmond, on 10 April 1865
Reserved for Thomas Jefferson Hudgins
Died 1915
as Acting Master's Mate
Andrew Joseph Dalton
Served and wounded on CSS VIRGINIA but was in 41st Regiment, Co. E of the Army!
Location by Jean Spencer of VA
Reserved for Robert King Hudgins
Died 7 Sept 1903
2nd Lt., VA Revenue Service
Elmwood Cemetery images courtesy Bill & Debbie Mixon of VA
Greenlawn Cemetery

Confederate Prisoners of War who died in Federal Prison in Newport News, Virginia between April and July 1865
POW Mass grave of 163 men

Pvt. J. Harris, Co. E, Naval Battalion
Images courtesy Bill & Debbie Mixon of VA

Blandford Church Cemetery
Located to right inside arch at foot of hill with unknown Confederate graves
Lt. Matthew P. Goodwyn
Promoted for "gallant and meritorious conduct"
Served on CSS Patrick Henry; Drewery's Bluff; participated in capture of US gunboats Reliance and Satellite;
Johnson's Island expedition;  CSS Raleigh; CSS Fredericksburg; James River Squadron
Courtesy Bill Chisolm of SC
ABINGDON, Washington County
Sinking Springs Cemetery
(Just north of Main Street on Russell St. where Valley St. ends)
It is located behind Abingdon Baptist Church on Main St.
The marker is within an iron fence enclosure with cedar trees around.
Lt. Daniel Trigg
Served on CSS Jamestown at Hampton Roads; 
CSS Chattahoochee; Service abroad; CSS Virginia No. 2, 
James River Squadron; Drewry's Bluff
Courtesy Taft Kiser of VA

Washington, DC.
Arlington National Cemetery

Paymaster Perry M DeLeon
Born in South Carolina. Appointed from South Carolina. Name changed from J. Calhoun
Moses by order of Secretary of the Navy, November 25, 1863. Assistant paymaster, October
20, 1862. Assistant paymaster, Provisional Navy, June 2, 1864. Navy Yard, Columbus, Ga.,
1862. C. S. S. Harriet Lane, 1862-1863. C. S. S. Savannah (Oconee), Savannah Squadron, 1863. C.
S. S. Stono, Charleston station, 1863. Johnsons Island expedition, 1863. C. S. S. Albemarle, 1864;
participated in battles of Plymouth, N. C., April 19, 1864 and Albemarle Sound, May 5, 1864.
Halifax Naval station, 1864-1865. Paroled, April 30, 1865, Richmond, Va.

Image courtesy Robert Morgan of FL

New Kent County, Williamsburg
Bruton Parish Church Cemetery

James A. Semple
Paymaster on the CSS Virginia and later Chief of the Office of Clothing and Provisions.   While the exact date of death is unknown, the motion for Probate was made in March, 1883 in New Kent County, VA.  Semple was married to Letitia Tyler, daughter of Pres John Tyler and Letitia Christian Tyler.
Born in Virginia. Appointed from Virginia.  Paymaster, October 23, 1862, to rank from March 26, 1861. Served on C. S. S.McRae, New Orleans station, 1861. C. S. S. Virginia; participated in battle of Hampton Roads,Va., March 8-9, 1862. Drewry’s Bluff, Va., 1862-1864. Bureau of Provisions and Clothing, 1864-1865.
Image and info courtesy Jerry White of VA
Co-author of book: The Rebel and The Rose
(The lost Confederate gold)

Christ Church Episcopal Cemetery

Capt. Sidney Smith Lee
Born in New Jersey. Appointed from Virginia. (Brother of General Robert E. Lee.) Formerly commander, U. S. Navy. Served in Virginia Navy. Commander, C. S. Navy, June 11, 1861. Commander, June 21, 1861, to rank from March 26, 1861. Captain for the war, October 23, 1862, to rank from February 8, 1862. Bureau of Ordnance and Hydrography, 1861-1862. Commanding Gosport Navy Yard, 1862. Commanding Drewry’s Bluff, Va., 1862-1864. Chief, Bureau Orders and Detail, 1864-1865. Paroled at Greensboro, N. C., April 28, 1865. Died, July 22, 1869.
Image courtesy Robert Morgan of FL

Christ Church Episcopal Cemetery

Lt. Sidney Smith Lee, Jr.
Born in Virginia. Appointed from Virginia. Acting master, March 22, 1862. Lieutenant for the war, February 6, 1863, to rank from November 1, 1862. First lieutenant, Provisional Navy, June 2, 1864, to rank from January 6, 1864. Served on C. S. S. Louisiana at surrender of Forts Jackson and St. Philip, April 28, 1862; captured; paroled (no date). Richmond station, 1862. C. S. S. Atlanta, 1862-1863. Service abroad, 1863-1865;
C. S. cruiser Georgia, 1864; C. S. S. Rappahannock,
Calais, France, 1864; C. S. S. Shenandoah, 1864-1865.
Image courtesy Robert Morgan of FL

Loudoun County, Leesburg
Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Charles Magill Fauntleroy
Born in Virginia. Appointed from Missouri. Formerly lieutenant, U. S. Navy. Served in
Virginia Navy. First lieutenant, C. S. Navy, June 10, 1861. First lieutenant, October 23, 1862, to rank from October 2, 1862. Commanding naval defenses at Harpers Ferry, 1861. C. S. cruiser Nashville, 1861-1862. Richmond station, 1862. Commanding blockade runner Economist, 1862.
Army duty, 1862-1863. Commanding C. S. S. Rappahannock, Calais, France, 1864.
Image courtesy Robert Morgan of FL
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Fred, Nicholas-----------Seaman, CG, enlisted 18 Oct 61, born 1815 in Greece,
died Charlottesville, Virginia, buried University of Virginia Cemetery
And these:
John D. Simms, Jr, CSMC, buried at  Norfolk, VA, Elmwood Ceme., 24 Aug 1881;
Lt. Samuel W. Averett, Greenhill Ceme., Jefferson @ Lee Sts.,  Danville.
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