Confederate States Navy Research Library, Mobile, Alabama,
Spaulding County, Griffin City Cemetery, South 1/2 Old Section, Lot 190******Georgia State Road 99, just east of Darien, McIntosh County
 Courtesy Mike Watkins    John McIntosh Kell, Executive Officer of the CSS SUMTER and ALABAMA      Courtesy Bill Chilsolm of FL
GPS: 33.2451; 84.2557
    Courtesy Bill Chisolm of FL                                                                 Courtesy Bill Chisolm of FL

Homesite of Lt. Kell at Sunny Side, Georgia GPS: 33.3349; 84.2890 (a few miles north of the cemetery)

Updated with GPS coordinates on 12 Jan 2009.

Linwood Cemetery
(located North of Hwy 280 and East of Hwy 27 at SW corner of 17th St. and 10th Ave).

GPS 32.4759N; 84.9842W

This Brooke Rifled Cannon, S85, weighing 10,800 pounds, was made at the CS Naval Gun Foundry, Selma, Alabama
It is overlooking Section M of Confederate Graves in the SW corner of the cemetery. There is another Confederate section in the SE corner.
Above image by the founder.

Section M, Row 1 (nearest Brooke cannon)
32.4760N; 84.9841W

Cornelius Duffy
of Apalachicola died June 1, 1863, in Columbus, as result of the CSS Chattahoochee's boiler explosion. He was born
either 1833 or '36, depending on census or enlistment data.
(read reports of the boiler explosion)

Section M, Row 3
32.4759N; 84.9843W

John Dunlop
(sometimes spelled Dunlap), CSS Virginia & Chattahoochee, died Sept 2, 1862, in Soldiers' Home, Columbus.

Section M, Row 8
32.4759N; 84.9844W

Landsman John W. Catlett,
born Florida c.1841, died Columbus, GA hospital Feb. 20, 1864, while assigned to the C.S.S. Chattahoochee.

Section 1, Lot 82
32.4773N; 84.9835W

Samuel Aenchbacker
Died 1 Sept 1901
served entire war with Co. C, CSMC, mostly on James River, including CSS Virginia, Drewry and Fredericksburg.
N. Laurel Avenue in cemetery
32.4780N; 84.9827W

James H. Warner,
born Ohio c.1830, died Columbus, GA (also) Feb. 20, 1866, as result of gunshot wound. Commanded C.S. Naval Iron Works, Columbus, GA. Despite gravestone markings, never held rank of major - came out of the USN as chief engineer and maintained that rank in

CSN throuhout the war. For whatever reason, local citizens referred to him as major - and still do.
Section 1, Lot 267
In wrought iron fence.
32.4768N; 84.9832W
Charles Blain
Foreman, CS Navy Yard, Columbus
Buried 13 March 1886
76 years old.

All Linwood Cemetery  images and details courtesy Robert Holcombe of GA.
Grave locations for GPS were furnished courtesy Ms. Deborah L. Payne, Executive Director of the HistoricLinwood Foundation, Inc.
MARIETTA--Confederate Cemetery
John Blount, C. S. Marine
Courtesy Jake Strobridge of KY & SC
MILLEDGEVILLE , Memory Hill Cemetery
West Franklin Street
West side, Section D, Lot 30, Person 9
Passed Assistant Surgeon, James W. Herty
Also Special Service (usually secret) at Richmond 
Courtesy Barry Jackson of NC
Laurel Grove Cemetery  According to Robert Watson, CSN---"the prettiest cemetery that I have ever seen" 
From Hwy 204 (Abercorn Rd) in downtown, it is located at the west end of Anderson Street (one way) 
(take Henry St.(one way) west to end, left (south) one block and right onto Anderson St. into the cemetery)
GPS: 32.06468N; 81.10683W
As you enter the cemetery gate this grave is located in the far rear right (northwest) corner 
of the cemetery near a large oak off by itself
Aisle 27, Lot 756
GPS: 32.06779N; 81.10816W
 Thomas P. Pelot. Born SC 1837 (marker is wrong).
Image courtesy Robert Holcombe of GA
       LIEUTENANT / THOMAS POSTELL PELOT / C.S. NAVY / Killed in defense of Savannah   / He died victorious on the quarter / deck of the U.S. Steamer Waterwitch / 
      captured in Ossabaw Sound by a / Naval boat expedition under his / command  June 2nd 1864. 
 Inscription courtesy D. Colin Young of GA
Located on Aisle 2, Lot 2191
William P. Brooks, 1st Assistant Engineer
Born Edgefield County, SC; Died 19 April 1889 
Image courtesy descendant Clint Brooks of NC
The CSN images below are in the Confederate Section (turn left at information marker, then right on Aisle 12 in a  fenced corner lot with flag)
GPS: 32.06415N; 81.10913W
Images by the Founder.
 A. Buchanan********Newlin Carter******J. L. G. Cook******William Crosby********B. H. Devine





****Nathaniel Wilds********A. Williams********J. H. Williams*********J. A. Yates
* Images by the Founder
Lot 174, Aisle ?

Midshipman Hubbard Taylor Minor, Jr.
Born in Virginia. Appointed from Missouri. Acting midshipman, July 6, 1863. Midshipman,
Provisional Navy, June 2, 1864. Served on C. S. S. Patrick Henry, 1863. C. S. S. Savannah,
Savannah Squadron, 1864; participated in the capture of U. S. S. Water Witch, June 3, 1864;
Image courtesy Bob Holcombe of GA

Bonaventure Cemetery, Bonaventure Road
This cemetery is on their family plantation
GPS 32.0433N; 81.0457W
 Image courtesy John Gorto of MI
Image of back side by Founder
Captain (Flag Officer) Josiah Tattnall, Savannah Squadron, Mosquito Fleet. 
Admiral Franklin Buchanan wrote in answer to  his appointment that he thought Tattnall should have been the first CS Admiral. 
There is a nice image of them together on the Founders page (
GPS 32.0433N; 81.0457W
John R. F. Tattnall. CSMC. Born near Middletown, CN, 1829. Died 17 August  1907.  Grave is in Tattnall family plot, Section E.
The inscriptions are on the right side of the upper stone. They are often overlooked since they are so hard to read.
He was the son of Commodore Tattnall.
Images by the Founder
  NOTE: We need to find the grave of Josiah Tattnall's other son Paulding Tattnall. If you know, please inform us or send in a picture.
GPS 32.0429N; 81.0454W
Edward Fenwick Neufville, 
2nd Lt. CSMC
Son-In-Law of Josiah Tattnall
Image by the Founder
Jacob Paulsen. Born 1 August  1837, Eddelak Parish, Denmark. Residing Apalachicola, FL, in 1860. Died 23 February  1919. Seaman, 
CSS Chattahoochee, CSS Savannah, CSS Palmetto State, Wilmington station. Resided in Savannah after the war, involved in numerous business pursuits, prominent in local politics. A street in Savannah is named for him. 
Image courtesy Robert Holcombe of GA

Block L, Lot 603
John Albert Peterson
Member of the Savannah Camp 738, UCV
Reported to be the last living CSN veteran
Image and info courtesy Alva L. Collins, Jr., descendant

ROME, Floyd County
Myrtle Hill Cemetery
Myrtle St. SW; Lot 31, Terrace A
GPS 34.2528N; 85.1794W
Located near old office building at top of hill--north/center
1st Lt. Charles Iverson Graves
Served on Aquia Creek batteries; 
CSS MORGAN; Service Abroad; CSS VIRGINIA No. 2; James River Squadron; Flag Lt. to Flag Officer John K. Mitchell; With Lt. W. H. Parker and CSS PATRICK HENRY crew accompaning Mrs. Jefferson Davis and the Confederate treasury from Richmond.
Image by the Founder

QUITMAN, Brooks County
Old Union Cemetery
David R. Milton
Courtesy Terri Milton of FL
Reserved for ???

MACON, Bibb County
Rose Hill Cemetery
Lt. William Watts Carnes
Images courtesy Robert Holcombe of GA 
Reserved for ???
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