CS NAVY Research Center, Mobile, Alabama,
Magnolia Cemetery
70 Cunningham Street

Captain Duncan Nathaniel Ingraham
Commandant Warrington (Pensacola) Navy Yard, 1861. 
Office of Ordnance and Hydrography, Richmond, 1861-62.
Commandant, Charleston Station, 1862-65.
Image courtesy David Sullivan of MA

Confederate Submarine Torpedo Boat H. L. Hunley Crews
These are not all CSN personnel.
Thomas W. Park 
of Park and Lyons Machine Shop, 
Mobile, Alabama
Builder of the H. L. Hunley
Hunley and Park's crew
Close up of monument courtesy David Sullivan of MA
Grave plot of the "Hunley and Park's" crew of the Confederate Submarine Hunley  in Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, SC. 
Thomas Park and Horace Hunley are on the right side.
Horace L. Hunley
Financed the submarine that bears his name.
Courtesy Ann T. Summersell of AL
The following names appear on the stone: J. Bell, William Brooks, 
M. Burgress, John Cabell, Lewis Carthegress, J. Caswell, Robert Culbert, John Dobson, T. F. Eagan, J. L. Carlton, T. G. Hatch, C. R. Horton, J. Howell, John Huston, J. L. Jacobs, F. Medaris, J. Medaris,  
H. P. Rainey, Surgeon Scott, J. C. Shea, H. W. Shields, I. P. Shultz, W. H. Flagg, J. Spear, G. W. Summers, William Yates. 
Information and image courtesy of Brian "Kelly" Madaris of GA
This Obelisk is in the Confederate Navy section of the Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, South Carolina.

There are names of 26 men of the Confederate Navy who died in the 
defense of Charleston, SC, and Savannah Georgia. 

From the Confederate Veteran Magazine, 1922.
On December 10, 1922, the Ladies Memorial Association of Charleston, S.C., unveiled with appropriate exercise a granite monument to the memory of thirty six men of the Confederate Navy who lie buried in the Cemetery of the Charleston Port Society on the Ashley River, Charleston. 
These graves have individual headstones, but this Memorial more 
fittingly marks the resting place of these brave men who gave their 
lives for the Confederacy. The names of ten of them were unknown, so could not be inscribed on the Monument. 

These men were recently removed from the Seamens Cemetery which was under the Citadel Stadium in Charleston and re-interred into Magnolia in November 1999 in the largest Confederate Funeral there since 1888.

Crewmembers of the Confederate Submarine Torpedo Boat H. L. Hunley moved from the Citadel
The last crewmember of the Submarine Torpedo Boat H.L.HUNLEY  found at Citadel Stadium on 5 Jan 2000
Reserved for the Hunley crew of Lt. George E. Dixon to be buried in late 2003
Note: Lt. William Anthony Alexander is buried at Magnolia Cemetery in Mobile, Alabama (see grave)
Magnolia Cemetery continued
Midshipman George Dwight Bryan
Served on the CSS FLORIDA
Later Probate Judge of Charleston
Courtesy Ann T. Summersell of AL
George Alfred Trenholm, Financial Genius of the Confederacy.
(Honorary mention---The man whose company financed the CSA)
Courtesy Dr. Felix Nepveux and Ethel Trenholm Seabrook Nepveux of SC, 
author of several books on his life and times.
Section 5, Lot 1024
 1st. Lt. John Grimball
Courtesy Ethel Nepveux of SC
Reserved for 1st. Lt. Charles Manigault Morris (d. 1895)
Served as Commander on CSS FLORIDA's 2nd cruise
Capt. Thomas W. Lockwood
(Operated private ships, not CSN)
Blockade Runners: Carolina, Theodora, Kate, Elizabeth, Colonel Lamb
Horace L. Hunley
Financier of the submarine (not CSN)
Courtesy Dave Sullivan of MA

St. Lawrence Cemetery adjoining Magnolia
6 Huguenin Ave
Francis Warrington Dawson, Acting Masters Mate
Englishman who came over  in the CSS NASHVILLE, 
served in the CS Navy, then the CS Army.
He wrote the book: Reminiscences of Confederate Service, 1861-65.
After the war he was editor of the Charleston Mercury Newspaper.
Courtesy John Schneider of SC

James Evans, Masters Mate
Died 1901
Buried in Evans family plot at Magnolia.
Courtesy John Schneider of SC
Other South Carolina Cemeteries
Courtesy Bill Chisolm of FL
Hopewell Cemetery, near Hampton
Benjamin Franklin Owens, Co. E, CSMC
Elmwood Cemetery, 
Confederate Section 
Elmwood Ave at I-126
J. S. Westmoreland
Courtesy Bill Chisolm of FL
St. Stephens Episcopal Church Ceme.
Francis Marion Thomas
Passed Midshipman
Courtesy John M. Bigham of SC
St. Phillips Episcopal Church
146 Church St
Lot 3078 West
John deBerniere Roberts, CS Marines
Appointed 2nd Lieut., 7 June 1864
Served at Drewery's Bluff, Wilmington and Fort Fisher (Battery Buchanan)
Courtesy Ann T. Summersell of AL
St. Paul's Episcopal Church Ceme.
Queen St. downtown; Bee-Stevens plot
Lt. Henry Kennedy Stevens
Courtesy Margaret (Peggy) Carr of NC
St. Paul's Episcopal Church Ceme.
Queen St. downtown
Lt. Alexander Fraser Warley
Courtesy Margaret (Peggy) Carr of NC

Henry Laurens Ingraham,CSMC 
Served at Warrington, Florida
Died 9 July 1878
Courtesy John Schneider of SC

Baptist Cemetery,
one block north of Hwy 25 at corner of Simpkins and Cemetery Sts.
Lt. Jonathan H. Carter
Served on CSS GENERAL POLK and as Commanding Officer on CSS MISSOURI
Image and location courtesy Steve Smith of LA
Elmwood Cemetery, 
Elmwood Ave. at I-126.
unmarked grave, Lot 31, Square 36
Lt. William Henry Ward
Died 17 April 1920
Image and location courtesy Jake Strobridge of SC
Rosemont Cemetery

Assistant CSN Surgeon David Edmonds Ewart
His name is also on a monument in downtown.

Transferred from the Army.
Born in South Carolina. Appointed from South Carolina. Assistant surgeon for the war,

January 7, 1864. Assistant surgeon, Provisional Navy, June 2, 1864. Served on C. S. S. Chicora,
Charleston station, 1864. C. S. S. Chickamauga, 1864.
Image and location courtesy Robert Morgan of FL

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