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Spellings are from the books and corrected if known
  Images located in the book "More Confederate Faces" by William A. Albaugh, III  
Pages 178-193 is Part 7, Naval Personnel arranged by rank as nearly as possible, 46 plates. 
Grouping-M. F. Maury; Geo. Hollins; Semmes; Buchanan;  
Chas. Read; Hartstein; Maffitt
Adm. Buchanan R. Adm. Semmes (2) Capt. French Forrest
Grouping- CSS FLORIDA with Capt. Barney and some officers in Brest, France Capt. Geo Hollins Capt. S. S. Lee Capt. Chas Morris
Capt. Arthur Sinclair Cmdr. Jos. Barney Cmdr. John M. Kell Cmdr. John Maffitt(2)
Cmdr. Richard L. Page and family Lt. Robt. Minor Lt. unknown-H? Mids. Geo. Waterman
Grouping from CDV album of prisoners at Ft. Warren, MA. 
Wm. Webb; Alphonse Barbot; Arleage; T. L. Wragg;  
Wm. Morrill; E. H. Brown; 
T. Peters; T. B. Travers; Jas. Goffee; misc. blockade runner Captains; Misc; 
unknown CSN officers
Wm. Gilmore- 
CSS Arkansas

Book "Confederate Faces" by William A. Albaugh, III
Chapter 5, Pages 169-194
Adm. Buchanan Capt. R. Semmes (2) Lt. John M. Kell (2) Lt. Robt. D. Minor (errored as Kell)
Lt. Arthur Sinclair IV A. Paymaster. Douglas Forrest P. A. Surg. James N. Hertz Mids. N. H. Wilkinson
John T. Mason Capt. Smith Lt. William Whittle Lt. McClellan ? CSMC?
Mids. Claybrook; Camus; Fason Capt. Wm. A. Webb Lt. Hilary Cenas Unk. Asst. Surgeon
Capt. John N. Maffitt Master Richard S. Floyd Engineer Chas W. Quinn Geo. L. Sinclair
Mids. James H. Dyke 2nd A. Engineer I. Lake W. D. Hough A. Paymaster Richard Taylor
A. Master Geo. D. Bryan Unk. Blockade runner Lt. Charles Read Lt. Francis H. Cameron
Lt. Melvil Doak Mids. James M. Morgan Unk. Asst. Engineer Mids. Virginius Newton
Capt. James D. Johnston Lt. Alphonse Barbot Mids. Leslie G. King Engineer H. Browne
Geo. A. Preston Mids. Thomas B. Travers Lt. W. Thos. Morrill Mids. J. A. Peters
Mids. F. B. Beville Lt. S. H. Arledge Mids. J. W. Cavey Mids. Joseph S. Wesh

U. S. Naval Historical Center Website
Mids. Edwin M. Anderson Lt. Richard F. Armstrong A. Master Francis N. Bonneau Cmdr. John M. Brooke
Cmdr. Isaac N. Brown Adm. Franklin Buchanan A. Master Irvine S. Bulloch Lt. Walter Butt
Surg. Daniel B. Conrad Capt. James W. Cooke Cmdr. Hunter Davidson Engineer Miles J. Freeman
Surg. Francis L. Galt Capt. Beckett K. Howell, CSMC Lt. Thomas B. Huger Cmdr. James D. Johnston
Cmdr. Catesby ap R. Jones Cmdr. John McIntosh Kell Cmdr. John N. Maffitt Lt. Chas. M. Morris
Lt. Peter U. Murphey Engineer Matthew O'Brien Lt. Wm. H. Parker Chief Constr. John L. Porter
3rd Engr. John W. Pundt Capt. Raphael Semmes Lt. Chas. Carroll Simms Lt. Arthur Sinclair IV
Capt. Josiah Tattnall Capt. John Randolph Tucker Cmdr. James Iredell Waddell Cmdr. Wm. A. Webb
Capt. John Taylor Wood
Book "Embattled Confederates" by Bell I. Wiley. Chapter VIII. A Navy from Nothing, Pages 145-161
Grouping on CSS SUMTER: Left to right: Lt. W. E. Evans; Lt. Becket Howell, CSMC; Lt. John M. Stribling;  
Lt. John M. Kell; Lt. R. T. Chapman; Engineer Miles J. Freeman; Clerk W. B. Smith; Capt. Raphael Semmes
Capt. French Forrest Lt. Francis Hawks Cameron,CSMC Paymaster Douglas F. Forrest Capt. James Iredell Waddell
Mids. William H. Sinclair Mids. James H. Dyke Chief Engr Charles W. Quinn Raphael Semmes
Adm. Franklin Buchanan Lt. R. R. Stiles Capt. John N. Maffitt Stephen R. Mallory,page 21
Book "Rebel Reefers" by James Lee Conrad. Beginning page 86.
Stephen R. Mallory Capt. John Taylor Wood Surgeon Daniel B. Conrad Cmdr. John M. Brooke
Lt. William Harwar Parker Lt. James H. Rochelle Master Gustave Adolphus Peple
The following are contributed by Henry Harris of NC:
Book, Even More Confederate Faces, by William Turner
Chapter 4, pages 92 99
Capt. Raphael Semmes
Capt. Franklin Buchanan
Cmdr John N. Maffitt
Cmdr William A. Webb
Capt. Sidney Smith Lee
Mid. Daniel Maury Lee
Lt. Sidney Smith Lee, Jr. (also in a group, rest unnamed)
Lt. Samuel Barron, Jr.
Cmdr. John M. Brooke
Lt. Thomas P. Bell
Mid. James Minnegrode
Lt. D. S. (actually Charles W.) Read
Lt. John L. Rapier, CSMC
5 Unidentified 
Lt. Whitier (misidentified) Actually Lt. William Whittle, Jr.
Book, Shadows of the Storm, Ed. by William C. Davis
Chapter 5, pages 217 263
Sec. Stephen R. Mallory
Capt. French forrest
Lt. John M. Brooke
Cmdr. George N. Hollins
Capt. Raphael Semmes
Mid. Hubbard T. Minor
Mids. Daniel M. Lee & Clifton R. Breckinridge
Captain Samuel Barron
Book, Fighting For Time, Ed. by William C. Davis
Chapter 3, pages 134 165
CSS Sumter Officers
Capt. Raphael Semmes & Lt. John M. Kell
Lt. John M. Kell
Mid. Edwin M. Anderson (?)
Lts. Richard Armstong & Arthur Sinclair
Cmdr. Matthew F. Maury
Lt. John N. Maffitt
Lt. Joseph N. Barney
Lt. Charles W. Morris
Mstr. Richard S. Floyd
2nd Asst. Engr. Charles W. Quinn (listed as G. W.)
Act. 2nd Asst Engr. John C. Lake (listed as I.)
Lt. Charles W. Read
Lt. John Low
Lt. John T. Wood
Lt. James I. Waddell
Mstr. John T. Mason
Mathew F. Maury & Raphael Semmes - postwar
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