Confederate Navy Research Center, Mobile, Alabama,
CS Navy prisoners who died at Fort Warren Prison, Boston Harbor, Mass.
These men need someone to photograph their gravestones and submit them for posting. Thank you.

                Name                                      Rank                                 Date of Death                  Location of grave
Gumby, F. A. Mate--Stmr. Nita 17 December 1864 Body sent to wife in Baltimore 
Grave needs locating
Hogan, John Coal Heaver--CSS Florida 18 December 1864 Moved to Military Ceme. on Deer Island, Boston harbor 
His grave needs to be found!
Johnston, Edward. J. 
Image courtesy Ken Lawson of MA who waded through knee deep snow to get it
1st Assistant Engineer, Ironclad CSS ATLANTA  13 October 1863 Moved to Military Ceme. on 
Deer Island, Boston harbor 
(Ft. Owens Cemetery, MA) 
Then moved to Ft. Devans 
Removed from here on  
12 October 2002 and reburied in Bosque Bello Cemetery, Fernandina, Florida on  
14 October 2002. 
Engineer Edward Johnston's request upon dying in prison was to be buried facing South, which was done, but 2 removals later his wishes were not done. 
**NEW**  His family's wish was finally achieved in that he was buried next to his wife in Bosco Bello Cemetery on 14 October 2002 and ceremony on 26 Oct. Congratulations and thank you to all who made this possible.

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[Regardless of what you have read on the net and in newspapers,  he was NEVER a Lieutenant in the CSN]
[His highest rank was 1st Assistant Engineer]
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