Confederate States Navy Research Library, Mobile, Alabama,

                          Sailors who joined  Jacob Rabby's Coast Guard at Bayou La Batre, Alabama
                                                        *Some went on to join the CSN later
Most of these surnames are still in the area. Unless otherwise mentioned, they are buried in Bayou La Batre.
The two main cemeteries are St. Michael's (south of town) and Odd Fellows (north of town), both off Hwy. 188.

Capt. Jacob M. Rabby

1st Lieut.  Albert Lamey
1st Lieut.  S. Carpenter
!st Sgt.      John Laurendine
2nd Sgt.    John Smee
3rd Sgt.     E. Deakle
1st Corp.  Joseph Deakle >>>>>>> (Odd Fellows Cem. along Hwy 19 at 188)
2nd Corp. U. Franklin
3rd Corp. James Anderson
4th Corp.  Dave Sumerlin


Valrey Bousarge
James Slater
Calvin Bousarge
Newton Slater>>>>>>>>>>>>  (Odd Fellows Ceme, Hwy 188 at 19)
Theodore Bosarge (this is the current spelling of the surname)
Geo. Braddock
Julias Bosarge
John A. Wells
Valroy Bosarge
August. Green
Meyan Bousarge
Richard Tillman
Alexander Clark>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (Odd Fellows Ceme.)
John Tillman
Thomas Clark
John Bryant
Denny Bousarge
Hubbard Bryant
J. B. Bosarge
Geo. Graham
John Pool
John Ladnier
Robert Wintzell >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (Odd Fellows Ceme.)
Antoine Ladnier
John McCay
Joseph Barrille
Francis Riva >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (St. Michael's Cemetery, St. Michael Rd off 188)
E. C. Rabby
Francis Dillatory
Surie Bousarge
Benja. Powell
Clarzier Bousarge
David Sumerlin
John Lamey
James Baird
John Watson
John Barber
Geo. Terry
August Ryan
Bebe Ryan
John Steiner
Isaac Chadwick
William Steiner

Not shown on list>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (Odd Fellows Ceme)


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