Confederate States Navy Research Center, Mobile, Alabama,
CSN Edged Weapons
(Cutlasses, Bayonets and Swords)
This style with the brass was mostly used on inland waters and along the coast
Patterned after the 1841 US Naval Cutlass there is also one patterned after the foot officer's model
Both are marked 'CSN' on one side and the fouled anchor motif on the other
They were made by several manufacturers such as Griswold of New Orleans
Many more were unmarked and a large number of fakes made from reproductions appear frequently
(Buyers beware!)
Other varieties will be added in the future
The example below has soldering repairs which are visible
Next is the Cutlass-Bayonet as produced in England and used on some of the cruisers
These were made to fit the 2 Band Enfield rifle and others such as the Wilson Breachloader
The grip is made of hard leather and checkered
It is usually not marked with CSN markings
This is the type used on the CSS FLORIDA as shipped by Capt. Bulloch
(Extract from the ORN will be added)
These have been reproduced  in limited quanities
The Sword-Bayonet was also in use on 2 band Enfield rifles in the Navy
The official CSN Sword manufactured by Mole of England
Considered one of the most beautiful of all
The goldplated grip is covered in white sharkskin, the pommel is a sea monster and the guard has the fouled anchor
The blade has the CSN motif and Stars and Bars flag
The scabbord features a knotted line
Officers usually purchased their own swords and many (such as Capt. Maffitt) kept using their USN swords
His was an 1852 Horstmann naval and  is located at the Musuem of the Confederacy in Richmond
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