Confederate Navy Research Center, Mobile, Alabama,
                                                                        New York Burials
                                        Woodlawn National Cemetery, Elmira, NY

C.S. Navy and Marine prisoners who died at the infamous Elmira Prison.
These men need someone to take their gravesite photo and submit it for posting
               Name                                      Rank                                  Date of Death                   # grave and location
Brand, A. R. Sailor, Fireman 4 January 1865 1263 W.N.C.
Brown, Wm. Marine Corps, CSN 4 April 1865 2562 WNC
Crocker, W. D. Seaman, Ram Albemarle 25 March 1865 2455 WNC
Drew, James F. Marine, CSN 27 February 1865 2121 WNC
Joince, B. Seaman, Conf. Stmr. Arrow 4 March 1865  1968 WNC
Lindsay, E. K. Pvt., CSN, NC---? 8 May 1865 2773 WNC
Brooklyn (Greenwood Ceme)

Courtesy Robert G. Elliott, author
'Ironclad of Roanake'

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