Confederate Navy Research Center, Mobile, Alabama,
Marion County, Indianapolis, Indiana Burials
Camp Morton Prison burials in Green Lawn Cemetery
According to information on the internet, the Confederates were moved in 1933 from Green Lawn Cemetery to Crown Hill Cemetery, Section 32,  known as the Confederate Burial Plot and buried in a mass grave. We would like a copy of any newspaper article of that time regarding the move.
Crown Hill is located about 2.8 miles northwest of downtown Indianapolis.
Name and rank Green Lawn Cem. Grave number Date died From which state
Mathew Morrisey, Landsman

 2 Sept 1864
From Tennessee
William Newland, Seaman

13 December 1863
Captured Yazoo City, MS
P. C. Rand, Seaman

21 February1864
Captured Yazoo City, MS
Henry Moore, Sailor

10 February 1865
Captured Buffington Island, OH
14 July 1864
  We need images of these graves or site of mass burial and any other information on them. Thanks. Be an active participant.
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