Confederate States Navy Research Center, Mobile, Alabama,
Louisiana Gravesites
Metarie Cemetery
5100 Pontchartrain Blvd.
Family plot located just north of Army of Northern Virginia Tomb
GPS 29.9814N; 90.1215W
William Wallace Hunter
Many of his items are in the Confederate Memorial Museum in 
New Orleans
Army of Northern Virginia Tomb
GPS 29.9823N; 90.1207W
E. L. Lambert
His sword is in the Confederate Memorial Museum in New Orleans
Images by the Founder
Baton Rouge
Magnolia Cemetery, North 19th St. & Florida Blvd.
GPS 30.4508N; 91.1690W
Section 2, Lot 19, Washington Ave.
Gayle W. Sparks, Master
Served on CSS Mobile, Patrick Henry, Gaines, Chattahoochee, Palmetto State, 
Semmes Naval Brigade
GPS 30.4509N; 91.1673W
Section 3, Lot 79, Washington Ave.
T. Harrison Baker, Commanding
Privateers Savannah & Rattlesnake
Reserved for ???
Images by the Founder
(Pineville actually, across the Red River). 
Greenwood Cemetery on Military Road
GPS  31. 20.506N; 92.25.280W
Isaac R. Adams, Coal Heaver
CSS Missouri; CSS Webb; Cotton
Images/GPS courtesy Steve Smith of LA
Madisonville Cemetery
Located at Main & St. John's St
GPS 30.4081N; 90.1565W
2nd Asst. Engineer George M. Jones
CSS Slidell & CSS Maurepas
Image by the Founder
Reserved for ???
Louisiana Gravesites Needed
Below is the link to the Louisana Soldiers and Sailors Burial searchable database hosted by Wayne Cosby. Click on the link and input only the word 'navy' or 'marine(s)' into their search on the last entry line 'service' to get the CSN/CSMC gravesite locations and detailed information in Louisiana. In time, we will eventually have images to go with the names. If you are in a position to take close up images, regular or digital, we ask that you do so and we'll give you credit for the contribution upon receipt and posting on the CSN website.
 A red (*) asteric means we have located the grave and need an image. A green (*) one means we have an image of it.

Last First Death Date Cemetery City Misc
Clark J. W. 11 Nov 1864 Unknown --- ---
Henshaw,CSMC Milton 7 Nov 1864 Unknown --- CS Marines
Hardige Samuel 19 Oct 1864 Unknown --- ---
*Sparks Gayle W. --- Magnolia, Sec 2, Lot 19 Baton Rouge Located--have picture and gps
*Baker Harrison 5 Jan 1905 Magnolia, Sec 3, Lot 79 Baton Rouge Located--have picture and gps
Walker Joseph G 22 April 1907 Graceland-Orange Grove Lake Charles GPS 30.2294N; 93.1935W
Barbee Raphael 10 Sept 1909 Graceland-Orange Grove Lake Charles CSS Webb                 (Pension)
Clooney John F. 22 Apr 1924 Graceland-Orange Grove Lake Charles Builder
Hall Green 18 Nov 1890 Graceland-Orange Grove Lake Charles Capt. Captured Indianola
*Jones George M 24 May 1885 Catholic Madisonville Engineer (Located)      (Pension)
*Lambert, Lt. E. L. 13 Feb 1901 5100 Ponchartrain Metarie Army of No. Va tomb (Located) 
Claiborne Henry deBallatin 1872 5100 Ponchartrain Blvd Metarie CSS Atlanta
*Hunter William Wallace 1892 5100 Ponchartrain Metarie Captain  (Located) 
Blanc Samuel Peters 1888 St. Louis #1 at Conti St. N.O. Midshipman
Murray John Robert 5 Oct 1863 Odd Fellows (BayouLaBatre?) N.O. Masters Mate
Stickney Dr. John C 25 Feb 1906 Greenwood--Canal St. N.O. Surgeon,CSN, Pensacola (obit)
Minnick, CSMC William 24 Sept 1864 Greenwood; City Park, Canal N.O. 120 City Park Av., Cypress Grove
Clark John E. 12 Jan 1929 St. Vincent De Paul N.O. CSS Resolute     (obit) (Pension)
Hanna J. R. 12 July 1864 Cypress Grove #2 N.O. Ceme. Under Canal Blvd.
Glass John 30 Jan 1877 Girod St. --no longer exists N.O. Seaman, CSS Manassas
Diggs Joseph 8 Nov 1867 Locust Grove N.O. Co. B, Chalmette Reg. La.
Douglas Asa W 18 May 1906 St. Vincent dePaul N.O. CSS Sumter?
Harbin William 30 Sept 1864 Foot of Canal-City Park Av N.O. Greenwood
*Holzman Ben 2 Jan 1922 Hebrew Rest Shreveport Sailor, CSS Virginia  (Located)
*Levy Charles Harvey 17 Jan 1926 Forest Park Shreveport 1st Engineer (Pension) (Located)
Info courtesy Wayne Cosby of LA---Table by John E. Ellis
Springfield, Louisiana
Bookter Road
GPS 30.4313N; 90.5507W
Need gravesite for Lt. Edward J. McDermett and a man named Bernard who died 13 March 1865
Hebrew Rest Cemetery
GPS 32.29.773N; 93.45.435W (degrees/minutes)
Ben Holzman  was mayor of Shreveport from 1899 to 1902.  His administration, which ushered in the 20th century, was marked by the largest street paving and public improvements effort the city had seen up to that time.  On the crew of the CSS VIRGINIA (otherwise known as the Merrimac), Mayor Holzman's granddaughter, Kitty Carlisle Hart, achieved a national reputation as an actress and promoter of the arts.
Image and information courtesy Steve Smith of LA
Forest Park Cemetery, 
3700 St. Vincent Avenue. 
Section F, plot 174.
GPS 32. 28.521N;  93.45.614W (degrees/minutes)
Charles H. Levy
1st Engineer on all of these:
Later appointed Chief Engineer, PNCS
Image courtesy Steve Smith of LA

Oakland Cemetery
GPS 32.5087N; 93.7552W

Joseph Boisseau, died 1903
Served on the Red River defenses
According to internet sources, his family farm in Petersburg, VA is where the Battle of Petersburg was fought and now a national park.
Image and location courtesy Steve Smith of LA

Chalmette National Cemetery
The following are listed in this cemetery but were re-interred, we are told, to Greenwood Ceme. on Canal St. in New Orleans.
We are trying to document this information. Cypress Grove Ceme. in N.O. was also mentioned as a possibility.
William R. Minnick, CSMC----Grave #371
Milton Henshaw, CSMC-------------#414
Henry McGuire, CSMC--------------#431
Note: After personal examination by the Founder, of the Chalmette Cemetery, it appears the graves up to around number 650 (Sections 1-6) were all removed in order to build a road along the levee along the Mississippi River.
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